Monday, 20 April 2015

We are Sustainable fashion - #Making Better Choices

Impact of Fast Fashion
Those quick buys from the online stores to the high street stores, where prices are cheap and quality possibly matches this too. We all keep topping our warping wardrobes up with clothes we may only wear a few times. 

This creates a huge amount of wastage, approximately 350,000 pounds (£140 million) of clothing and textiles are improperly discarded per year per person! Just imagine the amount we all throw across the world. 

Due to fast fashion, the demand for man-made fibres has doubled in the last 25 years. This means a higher amount of harmful chemicals are being distributed into our world everyday just in production, these chemicals are then transferred onto our skin when we wear the clothing, and finally when we throw them are harming the environment in landfills. 

Over consumption
Clothing is getting cheaper and cheaper by the day, and we all love it! We think ‘perfect, saving myself some money AND look amazing!’ Although weigh up what you spend and how much you buy… are you actually saving? Fast fashion is addictive; spend less, buy more! Just imagine the wastage it causes. 

Why not buy timeless pieces that are great quality, always in fashion AND friendly to our environment? It’s WIN, WIN, WIN

This is the future of fashion. Living a more sustainable lifestyle.

Friendly Fibres
By using fibres that are sustainable and eco friendly, we are preventing harmful chemicals being distributed into our atmosphere and water at production, and preventing harmful chemicals being then transferred onto our skin when we wear them. 

Sustainable fibres can include;
Organic cotton 
Recycled Polyester
- Linen

Our Mission
At Madia & Matilda, we join the movement to a sustainable world. Looking good doesn’t have to damage the precious world we live in. We use sustainable fibres, alongside recycled clothing and end of material rolls from fashion rolls, that otherwise would have been wasted. 

Madia & Matilda: we are sustainable fashion #Making Better Choices

Sincerely Madia & Matilda

Madia & Matilda 

Sustainable Clothing 

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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Living Vicariously - Blogger Love - Courtney Courier

Has been a little while since our last post, so we thought we'd get stuck in with a post dedicate to Courtney Courier, who we live vicariously through her inspirational instagram & Tumblr post.

With creativity at the helm of what she does, it is easy to see why we are obsessed with Courtney instagram page. Courtney a Former art director/curator, graphic design; tells us more about her career and passions

  "Born and raised by a family of artists and creatives in Bay City, Michigan, Courtney Courier, hit the road for the Pacific North West early last year. From photography, vintage clothing selling, to graphic designing, Courtney explored and created in Portland, Oregon. She has since trekked back to Michigan and brought her energy and ideas she explored while in Portland with her. Courtney is currently the Creative Director of the online vintage store ‘Toxic Pony’ and works at a non-profit Arts Center & Theatre in downtown Bay City. When she’s not working, you can find her listening to vinyl records, reading Bukowski, or taking film photographs."

Its was our pleasure to see that Courney loved our upcycled vintage clothes as much as we do.

You can find more Madia & Matilda Clothing. or this week in Camden, London. 

See Links below to find out more:

Instagram @courtneyjacquln

Sincerely Madia & Matilda

Fresh season for Collaboration

As we come into March we look back at our start in 2015 - collaborations with 

@victoria Villasana One of @pastemagazine 'Top 10 fashion bloggers to watch' wearing a @Madia & Matilda jumpsuit, SS15

Madia & Matilda AW15 clutch bag worn @Bianca Miller to the @RadioTimes awards 

Fashion blogger from across the @courtneyjacquln wearing AW14 dress check out our latest post for more details on Courtney.  

Our Spring Summer 15 collection has arrived 

To find out more visit

Also available at Bellallure Camden

Monday, 1 December 2014

Traditional Victorian Christmas Market - Gloucester's Quays

Traditional Victorian Christmas market, suits the setting of Gloucester's Historic Quays, with its beautiful waterfront surrounding, architecture and dazzling lighting.

Christmas music filling the crisp air, as visitors from far and wide; peruse the stalls filled with perfume, jewellery, knitwear, decorations, and artwork. Indulgent hot drinks, yuletide grub and baked goods; all crafted by each individual artisan concession stand, shown in the pictures. 

Here are some of our favourite stalls we visited.

Fly & Thimble -

Hand finished Clothing and Accessories, Cheltenham

Heavenly scented perfumes, organic essential made and distilled in France, produced in Stratford-Upon-Avon

Crystal Gems a hidden secret 

Jewellery and crystals from an exotic traveller

A fantastic day out, for all ages, wood craft workshop, Ferris wheel and Merry go round included.

Wild Wood Coppice Crafts -

Hand Crafted Wood work, figurines, flowers, chair & ornaments 

Ridge and Furrow -

Woollen Blankets 

Traditional Gardening equipment

Sincerely Madia & Matilda

Sunday, 2 November 2014

A little gift from Fourteen

A little gift from Fourteen

Recently opened gift shop in Stroud; a fascinating find for anyone who comes across it. With so many trinkets, cards, toys, babywear, paintings jewellery & candles. We just adore their kitch independent shop. 

Search for the perfect gift at Fourteen, you're bound to find something special

14 Kendrick Street, Stroud, Gloucestershire

Photography Copyright of Madia & Matilda 


In the entrance a small Banksy has popped up in the doorway of a mouse bouncing a ball beneath a 'no ball games' sign. 

Sincerely Madia & Matilda

Friday, 10 October 2014

Q&A with Amelia Orgill New Folk Singer /Songwriter

Q&A with Amelia Orgill New Folk Singer /Songwriter

Amelia Orgill Sings for Madia and Matilda  Amelia Orgil for Madia & Matilda  
Amelia Orgill for Madia Matilda clothing

Amelia Orgill shares her music with us for Madia & Matilda SS15 show. Therefore we want to share a little more about Amelia. As when we met Amelia Orgill at the start of the summer, on that sunny day in Bath, Somerset; we never imagined the collaboration would come this far. 

Madia & Matilda: Hi Amelia, Thanks for taking the time to talk with us, moving in to our new season Autumn Winter 14 
we thought it would be nice if you could tell us about the piece you selected, as your Top Favourite sustainable pieces, from the Madia & Matilda collection?

Amelia:  Hello! Yes, this piece stood out to me firstly because of the colours. I love wearing navy blue and that with the pale chalky blue skirt seemed like a perfect combination. I’m also a fan of high waisted clothing and I thought this style would suit my figure.

Madia & Matilda: How long you have been singing? 

 I've been singing for a while and like most kids I sang in the mirror to pop songs and just for fun with my friends.

Madia & Matilda: What are your main influences?

Amelia: We always had music playing in our house which was mainly folk and bluegrass music and my Dad is a musician so I grew up around music. When I was about 16 or 17 my parents took me to the Cambridge Folk Festival and I think I realised there and then I wanted to be a folk singer. I was so inspired by the other artists there like Cara Dillon, Kate Rusby and Emmylou Harris. This is the first year I've started taking it seriously and am doing it full time. I'm working hard on my first new album, busking and playing at gigs and weddings. My dream would be to play on the stage at Cambridge Folk Festival one day! 

Madia & Matilda: Are you trend aware or more of a timeless classics kind of girl?

Amelia:  I like browsing through fashion magazines but I’m not consciously following a trend. I tend to shop in charity shops in Bath and I do find some timeless classics there. I like simple colours and designs.

Madia & Matilda: What do you do to relax in your spare time?

Amelia: Swimming, taking my dog for long walks and I love curling up and watching a box set-Homeland is my current series!

Madia & Matilda: Why does sustainable fashion appeal to you?

Amelia: Any effort to reduce the negative impact the fashion industry can have on the environment is great. I think sustainable clothes are also more unique and special.

Madia & Matilda: What do you consider about sustainable living?

Amelia: I think it is very important to use our Earth’s natural resources. More time should be spent using renewable energy and I think we ought to be making more conscious decisions about waste and the impact it is having on the environment.

Madia & Matilda: What is your biggest style inspiration? 

Amelia: My biggest style inspiration is probably my sister. I borrow a lot of her things when she’s around and sometimes she helps me get ready for gigs.

Madia & Matilda: What inspires you?  

Amelia: I’m inspired when I go to concerts and live music from local musicians. Rainy days also inspire me because I get to stay in and write songs.

Madia & Matilda: Where can we find your music?

Amelia:  I’m just starting a new YouTube channel where I do a video a week so there should be plenty of things to see there!

Madia & Matilda: As, we met you in Bath and you usually sing in Bath, Somerset; what are your favourite haunts in Bath? Where can we find you singing?

Amelia: Local pubs, cafes and music nights around the city and in Somerset and I’m often busking in Bath too!

 Madia & Matilda: Thank you, for spending the time to talk with us, we look forward to hearing your new music

Sincerely Madia & Matilda

To find out more about Amelia, see: 

Follow Amelia on Facebook 
Subscribe to Amelia's page on Youtube
Watch Amelia Busking in Bath:
Follow Amelia on Twitter

Photographer Shelley Morecroft 
Hair  Stylist - Stacey Johnson
Make Up Artist - Alison Richards

Madia & Matilda 

Sustainable Clothing 

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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Style Tips for a Pleated Skirt

Wear it with

With A Crop Top

Just showing a little skin, is flattering, with a high column shoe and a simple ponytail displaying a relaxed and casual look.

With either a buttoned front, or a cute zip back the pleated skirt is versatile but also a unique item to include to your summer wardrobe.  

... or Camisole 

For a minimalist style, opt for a plain top, with a wedged strappy sandal. Sophisticated tonal colours work best.
The simple white of the camisole, compliments the sheek vertical greys in the pleated split skirt. 
The Harriet pleated split skirt creates a unique outfit, for those who like to pair a sophisticated look with a cheeky bit of leg on show.

... Or even add a Splash of colour, with a vest, to illuminate that colourful summer look.
The outfit is cool in the summer sun, with the light shades but also suits that formal appearance for those who are busy bees and want a perfect versatile outfit.

... Maybe pair it with a complementary jersey top, for an effortless casual weekend look.  

Items available on

Sincerely Madia & Matilda

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Upcycling a pleated skirt

You will need: 

Tape measure

To begin start with laying out your skirt, measure the distance you would like your side split to be. Mark with chalk your split point.

Place the skirt onto a Mannequin or willing model. Measure the distance up from the hem to your desired length. 

Once you have done both sides, lay your skirt on the table and unpick the hem & waistband to as far as u need.  Then cut vertically, from the hem to the waist. 

Turn inside out and sew to the point you marked with the chalk. 

Your skirt should still be inside out, sew down, each side of the split. 

Bar tack across the split opening on the right side up. 

Style as desired, for more details on how to style this skirt see our style tips, available on Tuesday 19.08.14. 

Skirts available on
Sincerely Madia & Matilda

Sunday, 20 July 2014

How to guide to Upcycling Denim Shorts

How to guide to Upcycling Denim Shorts

You will Need:


1. Cut your denim shorts/jeans to desired length

2. taking the shape of the pocket, cut this from a chosen pattern fabric

3. pin patterned fabric, into shorts and sew into place

Sincerely Madia & Matilda

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Inspiration for a New Season - Fabric Florals

Inspiration for a New Season

Each season when we design for each collection, we tend to collect information from our everyday lives, ie. newspapers, objects, websites, colours.

I truley believe that inspiration is everywhere, so when I cam across this blog article on fabric flowers, this helped to inform our new designs for SS15.

Follow the step by step tutorial for your perfect fabric flowers.

Picture source:

SS15 coming soon, watch this space for more details

Sincerely Madia & Matilda

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Creating an Effortless Upcycled Crop Blouse

Inspired by This Old Thing, with Dawn O'Porter upcyling is highlighted, as a way to breath new life into unwanted and unworn clothing or textiles. We loved it so much that we thought we would share with you, our hints & tips to D.I.Y upcycling. Stay tuned for weekly upcycling posts  - Cropped Blouses. 
#upcycling #diy #hintsandtips

Creating an Effortless Upcycled Crop Blouse

You will need:
Fabric Strip x2
Tailors Chalk
Sewing Machine

How to upcycle a blouse into an effortless box crop top.

1. Firstly measure the top to the length you would like, including 1 cm hem. Lay the top flat on a clear surface ready to cut.

2. Using tailors chalk or pins to direct where you cut. Cut along the line you drew, with a good pair of scissors. 

3. Hem bottom edge with your sewing machine, with a seam allowance of 1cm.

3. Next fold the shirt in half, matching up both sleeves with a pin.

4. Doing the same as Step 2, only for the sleeves.

5. As for the edge of the sleeve, measure the length of the sleeve and times that by 2, as you will need two of these for each sleeve. Make each fabric strip a 5cm wide.

6. Fold strips in half and place to sleeve edge with 1cm seam allowance, straight stitch with your machine.

Where with high waisted jeans or a fitted skirt; to find out more of my upcycled pieces see here or for crop top styling tips, click here for summer styling. 

Sincerely Madia & Matilda

Monday, 23 June 2014

Sustainable Co-Ordinates

Double up with the best two pieces, uniquely individual, yet party worthy crop tops & skirts or crop top & shorts. 

As seen on Amelia Orgill, a Brand New Up & Coming Artist. 

Get your Co-Ordinated looks from Madia & Matilda 

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Gingham Trend Check
Gingham Trend Check

Winter has finally gone and with the clouds clearing up, a key spring/summer trend has emerged. Gingham, we at Madia & Matilda have it covered, wear it as an all in one or style up this trend. Gingham is a trend that just keeps coming back, which has been around for centuries, yet in this elegant look it can also be very playful. After seeing this look at New York Fashion Week, it is definitely a great transitional look into Spring.

Sincerely Madia & Matilda

Derek Lam – Spring Summer 14 - Trends to Try Right Now - Gingham Trend
Shop this Look on Madia & Matilda Today - Spring Summer 14 - NEW IN

Monday, 28 April 2014

Bath a City Loved By Madia & Matilda

Bath a City Loved


Madia & Matilda

The Beautiful city of Bath is where you will find us whether it be shopping at Colonge & Cotton or Eating out at Made by Ben, a quaint little hidden gem of a cafe, tuck away on Walcot St.
With so much do see and do in Bath, we have made a list of our favourite places to visit:

Guild hall
Situated near the river bank of Pulteney Bridge, the Guild Hall and Roman Baths are the main attraction for visitors around the world, with function rooms and the market.  The Guild hall is a real part of the heritage in Bath. To find out more visits:

Roman Bath Kitchen
A fantastic restaurant to sit, eat and let the music; in the street take your cares away. When Madia & Matilda visited the Roman Bath Kitchens, we sat outside for lunch, on what felt like a lovely summers day listening to new artists sing, and watching tourists walk by, enthralled by the atmosphere.

Fudge Kitchen
Sweet treat, in an assortment of Luxury fudge flavours. Made with fresh whipped cream; created in small batches. Definitely a great gift, if you are visiting Bath. You can even watch as they make the fudge. Location - Near the Roman Bath Kitchens in the Abbey Churchyard.

Scarlet Vintage
Tucked away on the cobbled streets of Bath is a quirky little vintage shop, with a great selection of Vintage pieces. Scarlet Vintage is located on Queen Street, near Milsom St.

Madia & Matilda love Bora for its casual, effortless style, feminine prints and ‘love me for the rest of your life’ ethics. Bora has captured our hearts, with most lavishing tweeds and cashmere. Once wrapped up in one of their pieces, it is instantiates love for the label.  Produced in Scottish mills; with an ethical and sustainable outlook, the Bora store in Bath is worth a visit.

Concept store, full of carefully selected independent Designers, contemporary objects, Luxury accessories and jewellery; home and office goodies. Found is favourite of Madia & Matilda’s for the originality of the store and it selection of products.  Located in Argyle St, Found is a must see visit whilst in Bath.

Amongst our favourite haunts, you'll find Madia & Matilda at Bath Artisan Market a real hub for creative and artisan people. Based at Green Park Station in Bath every fourth Sunday of the Month.