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Q&A with Amelia Orgill New Folk Singer /Songwriter

Q&A with Amelia Orgill New Folk Singer /Songwriter

Amelia Orgill Sings for Madia and Matilda  Amelia Orgil for Madia & Matilda  
Amelia Orgill for Madia Matilda clothing

Amelia Orgill shares her music with us for Madia & Matilda SS15 show. Therefore we want to share a little more about Amelia. As when we met Amelia Orgill at the start of the summer, on that sunny day in Bath, Somerset; we never imagined the collaboration would come this far. 

Madia & Matilda: Hi Amelia, Thanks for taking the time to talk with us, moving in to our new season Autumn Winter 14 
we thought it would be nice if you could tell us about the piece you selected, as your Top Favourite sustainable pieces, from the Madia & Matilda collection?

Amelia:  Hello! Yes, this piece stood out to me firstly because of the colours. I love wearing navy blue and that with the pale chalky blue skirt seemed like a perfect combination. I’m also a fan of high waisted clothing and I thought this style would suit my figure.

Madia & Matilda: How long you have been singing? 

 I've been singing for a while and like most kids I sang in the mirror to pop songs and just for fun with my friends.

Madia & Matilda: What are your main influences?

Amelia: We always had music playing in our house which was mainly folk and bluegrass music and my Dad is a musician so I grew up around music. When I was about 16 or 17 my parents took me to the Cambridge Folk Festival and I think I realised there and then I wanted to be a folk singer. I was so inspired by the other artists there like Cara Dillon, Kate Rusby and Emmylou Harris. This is the first year I've started taking it seriously and am doing it full time. I'm working hard on my first new album, busking and playing at gigs and weddings. My dream would be to play on the stage at Cambridge Folk Festival one day! 

Madia & Matilda: Are you trend aware or more of a timeless classics kind of girl?

Amelia:  I like browsing through fashion magazines but I’m not consciously following a trend. I tend to shop in charity shops in Bath and I do find some timeless classics there. I like simple colours and designs.

Madia & Matilda: What do you do to relax in your spare time?

Amelia: Swimming, taking my dog for long walks and I love curling up and watching a box set-Homeland is my current series!

Madia & Matilda: Why does sustainable fashion appeal to you?

Amelia: Any effort to reduce the negative impact the fashion industry can have on the environment is great. I think sustainable clothes are also more unique and special.

Madia & Matilda: What do you consider about sustainable living?

Amelia: I think it is very important to use our Earth’s natural resources. More time should be spent using renewable energy and I think we ought to be making more conscious decisions about waste and the impact it is having on the environment.

Madia & Matilda: What is your biggest style inspiration? 

Amelia: My biggest style inspiration is probably my sister. I borrow a lot of her things when she’s around and sometimes she helps me get ready for gigs.

Madia & Matilda: What inspires you?  

Amelia: I’m inspired when I go to concerts and live music from local musicians. Rainy days also inspire me because I get to stay in and write songs.

Madia & Matilda: Where can we find your music?

Amelia:  I’m just starting a new YouTube channel where I do a video a week so there should be plenty of things to see there!

Madia & Matilda: As, we met you in Bath and you usually sing in Bath, Somerset; what are your favourite haunts in Bath? Where can we find you singing?

Amelia: Local pubs, cafes and music nights around the city and in Somerset and I’m often busking in Bath too!

 Madia & Matilda: Thank you, for spending the time to talk with us, we look forward to hearing your new music

Sincerely Madia & Matilda

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Photographer Shelley Morecroft 
Hair  Stylist - Stacey Johnson
Make Up Artist - Alison Richards

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