Monday, 20 April 2015

We are Sustainable fashion - #Making Better Choices

Impact of Fast Fashion
Those quick buys from the online stores to the high street stores, where prices are cheap and quality possibly matches this too. We all keep topping our warping wardrobes up with clothes we may only wear a few times. 

This creates a huge amount of wastage, approximately 350,000 pounds (£140 million) of clothing and textiles are improperly discarded per year per person! Just imagine the amount we all throw across the world. 

Due to fast fashion, the demand for man-made fibres has doubled in the last 25 years. This means a higher amount of harmful chemicals are being distributed into our world everyday just in production, these chemicals are then transferred onto our skin when we wear the clothing, and finally when we throw them are harming the environment in landfills. 

Over consumption
Clothing is getting cheaper and cheaper by the day, and we all love it! We think ‘perfect, saving myself some money AND look amazing!’ Although weigh up what you spend and how much you buy… are you actually saving? Fast fashion is addictive; spend less, buy more! Just imagine the wastage it causes. 

Why not buy timeless pieces that are great quality, always in fashion AND friendly to our environment? It’s WIN, WIN, WIN

This is the future of fashion. Living a more sustainable lifestyle.

Friendly Fibres
By using fibres that are sustainable and eco friendly, we are preventing harmful chemicals being distributed into our atmosphere and water at production, and preventing harmful chemicals being then transferred onto our skin when we wear them. 

Sustainable fibres can include;
Organic cotton 
Recycled Polyester
- Linen

Our Mission
At Madia & Matilda, we join the movement to a sustainable world. Looking good doesn’t have to damage the precious world we live in. We use sustainable fibres, alongside recycled clothing and end of material rolls from fashion rolls, that otherwise would have been wasted. 

Madia & Matilda: we are sustainable fashion #Making Better Choices

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