Saturday, 16 October 2021

What's New From Us?

 Here at Madia & Matilda we strive for a sustainable living. From our hand-crafted garments to our curated brands. We offer a variety of products that have a positive impact on the environment. We have chosen to introduce you to some of our new collections.


Our clothing is made from upcycled fabrics from all over the country. So, instead of the fabrics being tossed away to the trash and having an impact on the environment, we collect them and produce exciting new garments. That has an impact on people’s lives! Each piece is handcrafted, providing you with gorgeous and ethical women’s wear. 

Why not check out some of our New and In Stock clothing? There’s something for everyone! 


We have a new range of foods! Ranging from sweet, organic treats to vegan delights. We recognise sustainability surrounds all aspects of life. Therefore, we are now offering healthy and delicious food that will support a willful lifestyle. It’s not just wholefoods or canned foods. We also provide a variety of sweets, jams, drinks and sauces. Feel free to take a look, something could take your interest! 


Everyone likes to add new things to their homes, whether it’s colourful bed sheets, ornaments or new dinnerware. Most people are always looking for something to add to the place they call home and we now have an entire home selection. A wide range of new products that offer sustainable alternatives to everyday items, eliminating plastics. Wash clothes, soap dispensers, ceramic flower pots and even wooden cups, that’s just to name a few of the many options we have to offer. 

New Homewear

Our accessories range from jewelry to stationary, even to beauty products! Everything in this range is ethical and handcrafted. A variety of materials used, depending on what you’re looking at or example, this alphabet necklace! Made with high quality, versatile pieces, making any outfit look elegant and classy.

Want to see more? see here

Sincerely Madia & Matilda

Saturday, 11 September 2021

Living More Sustainably in Autumn

During Autumn the daylight becomes shorter and the temperatures are lower. Due to this you may find yourself turning on more lights within your home and keeping the heaters on for longer. It’s typical for us to do that but let’s keep in mind that being sustainable is relevant all year round.

So, here are some tips on exactly that! 
Saving energy is the most common way of staying sustainable. During this time of the year the energy price will go up due to the amount of sources you will end up using to keep warm. Just unplug the things you aren't using, especially the electronic devices. Chargers could be plugged in and still draw power, even if the device isn’t on charge. Bringing up the electric bill and wasting energy. So, we suggest unplugging chargers and all electronics when not in use.

Keeping Cosy

We all want to keep cosy. This can also link into your energy bills, as we tend to gravitate towards putting the heating on as mentioned previously. So, maybe it’s time to start looking into something that would be of use and would also avoid rising bills but also keep you nice and comfortable. Below are just a few examples:

  • Insulation - This isn’t something you usually think about during the warmer weather but can be a big help any time, especially during the colder seasons. Adding insulation to rooms, behind wall heaters and in the ceilings will help with both cold and hot weather. It lowers your energy bill as the temperature within your home will remain the same. So, no need for heaters being constantly on.

  • Thermal Curtains - Thermal curtains, or thicker ones, can help insulate your windows by preventing the cold air from looming in and keeping the warmth inside. Having them drawn closed during the night will provide extra insulation.

  • Door Draft Stoppers - Ever notice how most doors tend to have gaps, especially near the bottom? Well those little areas tend to let out the warm air you want to keep and let in the cold breeze. A door draft stopper is made specifically to be laid at the bottom of the doors to cover up those locations and to keep the chilly air out. I’d highly suggest investing in one. However, if you don’t have the money you could also just use a thick blanket, one you preferably don’t use, and put that near the bottom of the door. It works just as efficiently!  Door Draft Stoppers are Uber sustainable, you could make one like we do with off cuts of old materials, if you're up for the sewing challenge

Garden Work

We know it’s colder out and it seems cosier to sit at home curled up in blankets, with a nice warm drink and watching a movie or two but taking the time to move around daily and getting fresh air will help you during the cooler months. 

If you have a garden, spend some time getting it ready for the upcoming seasons. Autumn is the perfect time to plant many trees. Doing it around this time will give them enough time to develop a root system, deep within the ground, over the winter months, reducing their water needs during spring. 


If you didn’t know, there are a lot of things that you could use to create compost, especially during Autumn. Those pumpkins you use during Halloween? Instead of just throwing them away, you could roast the seeds and make a delicious snack! Pumpkin seeds are highly nutritious, containing fibre and essential nutrients such as magnesium and zinc. The rest of the pumpkin will compost down quite quickly, however if the pumpkin is on the thick side, then it will take a little longer to break down. So, it’s suggested you cut it into pieces if you want it to rot down quicker or disappear into the bulk of the compost. 

Now, Autumn is known for it’s falling leaves. Most people will add the fallen leaves to their garden chores by raking, bagging and throwing the leaves away. Adding to the waste piles. What most don’t know is that fallen leaves are good for your lawn. Dead leaves are part of the life cycle for plants and soil. Leaves are basically free compost from mother nature! Leaving leaf piles can cause the grass below to die, so it’s recommended to gather the leaves and then distribute them evenly throughout your garden. Leaves help a lot more than you think and can insulate the soil throughout the winter, protecting the life that thrives within the dirt below. 


Long-Term Clothing

This is an overall good idea when purchasing clothing. You want to make sure it lasts and can be suitable for other weather types, or just to keep aside for Autumn without having to buy new clothing each year. You could even go through your current clothes that fit the season and upcycle them. Repair them in other words or if you don’t have the experience to do it yourself, you could always bring it into the Madia & Matilda store. We upcycle clothing too, and if you have a specific idea for how you want your clothes to look then we’d be glad to listen. 


Sincerely Madia & Matilda

Saturday, 4 September 2021

New in Autumn

Autumn is approaching faster than any of us anticipated. This means your summer wear won’t be appropriate for the upcoming weather. Which is why you’re here! Looking for something new and suitable for Autumn’s breeze.

If this is your first time discovering Madia & Matilda, we are a brand dedicated to producing sustainable garments. We are focused on zero waste, hand crafted, ethical women's wear. With that in mind you are just in time for their new product arrivals.

New In Store

The Lounge Suit

Lounge wear has become a popular outfit choice over the Covid years. It’s cosy inside and outside the house. Perfect for running those daily duties! So, why not try it out? This lounge suit is comfortable, breathable and ideal for the upcoming weather change.

Lounge Suit 

Slim Cut Trousers

Shorts are just not enough to keep you warm. So, it’s time to ditch them and bring out some trousers. How about checking out these essential ankle length slim fit trousers. Designed to fit your body type! It’s also a great essential.

Slim Cut Trousers

Polo Neck Polo neck tops and sweaters have always been in fashion during this time of the year. So, how about you check out our simple jersey top, with long sleeves and a ruched polo neck. A choice for day-to-day wear.

Polo Neck Top

Cotton Coats

During this season, the first thing people tend to gravitate towards are coats. We now have a new range of up-cycled wool coals

In recent years the coat in fashion seems to be Puffer Coats or Jackets. The coats and jackets are usually padded, filled with down feathers. The outer layer is usually synthetic fiber such as nylon or polyester. Now, that’s not very Eco-friendly. You can come across ethical coats; therefore we would suggest researching and considering the best option; why not try out coats that are made with organic cotton, lyocell or soy fabric.

Organic Cotton Jacket


Jumpers are traditionally made out of wool but can also now be made up of cotton, synthetic fibres, or any combinations of what has been mentioned. Ignore the synthetic fibre and you’ve got yourself some non polluting jumpers!

Wool is one of the oldest high-performing, sustainable materials around. It has several reliable attributes, such as: rapidly renewable, biodegradable, recyclable and can be produced organically. So, a good old woolly jumper doesn’t seem to go out of fashion during this time of the year.

Got any old jumpers lying about? Here's a suggestion! How about fixing them up? Repairing old jumpers, or even combining two into one. Recycling is becoming apart of everyone's daily life, so why not give it a go with worn out clothes.

Over-sized Sweater

If you liked what you read and found it interesting why not check out our site. We have many more choices in our store. Along with some new items coming soon!

Sincerely Madia & Matilda

Saturday, 21 August 2021

Why shopping is a powerful mode of activism:

 At Madia & Matilda, we recognize that a sustainable lifestyle is not restricted to the clothing that you wear. Therefore, we are actively expanding our product range to include ethically-sourced, zero-waste home wear, cosmetics and food. By doing so, we are providing a single platform to support your personal Eco-conscious journey.

About Curated Brands?

To fulfill your needs without comprising those of future generations, you must adopt a zero-waste mindset which will inform your everyday choices. Vegan, organic, recyclable and refillable options will enable you to live with a reduced environmental impact. As such products become more accessible and easily purchased through the Madia & Matilda website, we look forward to growing our community of conscious consumers.

Vegan Products

All products sold by Madia & Matilda are sourced from cruelty-free, sustainable brands, including small independent and local retailers. We only partner with retailers which meet our strict environmental and social criteria. Investing money into ethical businesses funds and supports the development of the ethical practices which are necessary to prevent further social and environmental damage. As consumption is the underlying cause of land, air and water pollution, changing the way you shop is a powerful mode of activism. 


In order to minimize our supply chains carbon footprint, we look to partner with brands which offer drop-shipping services. Instead of receiving and holding stock from organisations, we ask retailers to send products direct to our customers to avoid unnecessary travel-induced carbon emissions. Drop-shipping also allows the price of products to remain a true reflection of their value, without incorporating additional transportation charges.


Madia & Matilda Sale

Why not take a look at our range of curated beauty, food and home wear brands here:

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Friday, 13 August 2021

A Summer Staycation Checklist:

Aviation is the most polluting method of transport; producing 2% of all global carbon emissions. Although the temptation to fly across the world may be strong, the need to protect the Earth from climate change is even stronger. Booking a holiday in your home country will preserve greenhouse gas emissions and often money inside of your bank account. Equally (if not more) fun can be had when taking a staycation than abroad, as long as you arrive at your destination prepared for your adventure…


1. Lightweight rain jacket or poncho Due to global warming, the weather is highly unpredictable. Therefore, a lightweight rain jacket which can fit inside of your daytime bag is essential! 

 2. Refillable water bottle When sitting in the sunshine or hiking up a mountain, hydration is key. A refillable water bottle will prevent you from contributing towards plastic pollution which endangers life on land and in water. 

3. Sun cream Although the temperature within your home country may not compare to those abroad, sun cream is important for protecting your skin health. When purchasing sun cream, opt for products which do not contain oxybenzone and octinoxate as these chemical are harmful to aquatic life.

 4. Picnic blanket Whether sitting on the beach or in a field, a picnic blanket is essential for keeping your clothes clean and dry. This will help to prevent the need to wash your clothes and will therefore reduce the amount of energy consumed and microfibres released through machine-washing. 

 5. Sewing kit Sewing kits are extremely useful, if you find a tear or hole in your clothes when travelling. Learning basic sewing techniques will allow you to repair and prolong the life of your existing clothes, rather than spending money unnecessarily on new. 

 6. Playing cards Playing card games is a great way to bond with friends/family and take a much needed break from your smart phone. There are so many different games to play with a single pack of cards which can be used when and wherever. 

 7. A good book There is no better escape than within a good book. Whilst travelling to your destination or lying on the beach, reading is a great, therapeutic way to spend time on your staycation. 

8. First Aid Kit A basic first aid kit (including plasters, bandages and pain killers) is always needed for those blisters from walking and headaches from late night beverages. 

 9. Homemade snacks Carrying delicious, homemade snacks with you as you travel will prevent you from purchasing over-priced goodies at small, independent store. As well as saving money, a box of homemade snacks will save time (spent inside shops) and single-use packaging. 

 10. A travel bag A bag that is big and easy enough to carry as you travel will prevent you from purchasing single-use plastic bags. As well as saving money, re-usable travel/tote bags will prevent further plastic pollution caused by synthetic bags which eventually enter landfill.

Sincerely Madia & Matilda

Sunday, 8 August 2021

How to recycle and repurpose beauty packaging:

Over 120 billion units of plastic are produced by and for the beauty industry every year of which 79% are dumped into landfill sites. A recycling revolution is now underway to increase the amount of plastics that are eventually recycled above the current 9%. Not all beauty packaging is inherently recyclable, however, which may cause conventional recycling centres to deny them. All beauty packaging can be disposed of in ways which cause less environmental damage, as no product by nature should be destined for landfill:

Beauty Products

Household recycling centres:

Recycling centres accept clean, empty glass and plastic/PET bottles, aerosols and inherently recyclable (often cardboard) packaging. Plastic lids can be recycled but not plastic pumps or trigger heads. Once clean, pumps may potentially be re-used within other liquid or cream-based products. Be cautious to not pour large amount of liquid or cream cosmetics down the sink, as the chemical/artificial ingredients may pollute water supplies. Instead, be sure to use each product maximally before disposing of it.


Recyclable Products

Recycling programmes:

The organisation TerraCycle gas partnered with cosmetic brands (namely Garnier) to provide a free recycling programme for mascara, lipstick, makeup palettes, sheet masks and roll-on deodorants. Empty beauty products can be taken to their allocated drop-off points where they are then re-purposed and/or recycled. Empty bottles of branded products may also be accepted the likes of Kiehls, L’Occitane and The Body Shop, in exchange for recycling rewards, freebies and discounts. TerraCycle has also partnered with the dental hygiene brand Colgate to provide recycling drop-off points for empty toothbrush and toothpastes.


A TerraCycle Zero Waste Box can be ordered online and delivered to your door, at a low price. The box is to be filled with clean beauty empties (including:  shampoo bottles and caps, conditioner bottles and caps, hair gel tubes and caps, non-pressurised hair spray bottles, hair paste plastic jars and caps, lip balm tubes, face soap dispensers and tubes, lotion bottles, lotion tubes, lotion dispensers and jars, non-pressurised shaving foam tubes, lip gloss tubes, mascara tubes, eye liner pencils and cases, eye shadow tubes, concealer tubes and sticks) and sent back to the company’s address for recycling.


Makeup Products


There are various creative ways to re-purpose empty packaging. Once clean, empty glass and plastic bottles can be used to create flower jars, jewellery boxes and makeup holders. Empty spray bottles may be filled with water to refresh plants or essential oils for room sprays. Dry, clean mascara wands may also be used again as brow spoolies or an entirely new mascara brush.

Curated Brands 

Sincerely Madia & Matilda

Tuesday, 3 August 2021

5 Easy & Delicious Overnight Oat Recipes:


As part of our new Madia & Matilda food range, we have included sustainable and organic foods which promote a healthy lifestyle. Oats are packed with important vitamins, minerals and antioxidation plant compounds. These slow-release carbohydrates are high in fibre, protein and healthy fats; making them the most nutrient-dense food you can eat. Due to their versatility, oats can be enjoyed in many ways and at any time of day. This is why, at Madia & Matilda, we have chosen to include Wholefoods Scottish Oats within our family of curated brands and have provided a list of recipes to boost your love of oats overnight… 

Milly - Drawstring



Overnight oats are quick and easy to make; the basic recipe can be adapted to create a delicious, non-boring breakfast or snack. Oats are simply mixed with wet ingredients (either milk or yoghurt) in a bowl and portioned into mason jars to be chilled within the refrigerator overnight. The dry ingredients may also be stirred into the mixture before chilled or used as toppings. After only 2 hours, the oats will absorb the wet ingredients to form a soft consistency of which may be given texture using crunchy toppings (such as chai seeds, nuts, fruits and chocolate).


Basic method:

1. Mix the rolled oats, spices and wet ingredients (ie. Milk, yoghurt, syrup, peanut butter) in a bowl.

2. Chop fruit, nuts and/or chocolate and add to the mixture.

3. Scoop the mixture into separate mason jars (1 scoop recommended).

4. Sprinkle the dry toppings onto the wet mixture.

5. Place each mason jar into the fridge and chill for 2+ hours.


1.      Snickers overnight oats: Mix mashed banana, oats, milk, maple syrup, peanut butter, cocoa powder and cinnamon, refrigerate, top with peanuts and chocolate chips

·        1 cup oats

·        1 banana (mashed)

·        ¾ cup plant milk

·        1 tsp maple syrup

·        1 tbsp peanut butter

·        1 tsp cocoa powder

·        1 tbsp chocolate chops

·        1 tbsp unsalted peanuts


2.      Maple French Toast overnight oats: Mix together, refrigerate overnight

·        1 cup oats

·        ½ medium banana (mashed)

·        ½ tsp cinnamon

·        1 tbsp maple syrup

·        ½ tsp vanilla extract

·        ½ cup plant milk

3.      Pina Colada Overnight Oats: Mix oats, chia seeds and milk, refrigerate overnight, add toppings

·        1 cups oats

·        1 tbsp chia seeds

·        1 tbsp maple syrup

·        1 cup coconut milk

·        1 cup chopped pineapple

·        ½ cup shredded coconut

4.      Pumpkin Pie Overnight Oats: Mix all ingredients, refrigerate overnight

·        1.5 cup oats

·        ½ cup plant milk

·        ½ cup pumpkin puree (canned)

·        ½ tsp pumpkin spice

·        1.5 tbsp maple syrup (more for added sweetness)

5.      Lemon Pie Overnight Oats: Mix all ingredients, refrigerate overnight

·        1 cup oats

·        2 tbsp chai seeds

·        1 zest of lemon

·        ½ juice of lemon

·        1 tsp vanilla extract

·        ¼ almon extract

·        ½ cup plant milk

·        2 tbsp maple syrup

 Sincerely Madia & Matilda