Saturday, 27 February 2021

Creating positive habits in lockdown

Since we are now in the third UK lockdown, we have experienced life indoors and there are many habits both positive and negative we may have experienced.

Here at Madia & Matilda, we believe it is important to learn and create positive habits that we can use in and after this lockdown experience.

1. One hour a day for a form of creative meditation 

Try not to be put off by the word 'meditation' all we mean is using some form of art therapy, this can be anything from painting, yoga, cooking, baking, journaling, a relaxing bath, or a nap. If you schedule this into your day every day, not only will it break up your day but it will also allow you to slow down, relieve anxiety and stress, take a break from any worries you may feel.

2.  Get outdoors and embrace nature

I think the first reason for us all getting back out into nature after the winter months being so cold, we are finally starting to see a bit of sunshine. Lockdown feels more isolating when the weather is bad, and now things are starting to look up. Getting outside does not need to be a lockdown routine, it can be part of your new normal. Learning to switch off from the inside, social media, and television and take time to breathe in the fresh air every day. Lockdown has encouraged us to increase our time spent outdoors, supporting mental health and getting some Vitamin D from the sun.

3. Physical and mental health 

10 minutes a day or more dedicated to a physical workout, whether that means stretching in the garden, watching a workout youtube video or learning how to make healthy juices and smoothies. Try to take this discipline and turn it into a routine, keep moving and learning.

4. Appreciate the world around us 

Now that we cannot travel frequently or visit places we once loved, it is time to appreciate the little things and the world's beauty. The lockdown has actually caused less airbourne pollution, and many destinations are now visible such as the Himalayas are a lot clearer than ever before. You can take virtual tours of these fantastic destinations and write them on your bucket list to visit once travel and leisure are possible again. 

5. Time

Time goes so quickly, and usually when we are living our day to day lives we are busy working, socialising and never truely have the time to just be at one with ourselves. all this time we have been given, use it and appreciate it.

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Sincerely Madia & Matilda 

Tuesday, 16 February 2021

The Problem With Online Shopping

The State of Sustainable Fashion: What is the Reality Behind the Eco Collections?
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With lockdown restrictions still going strong everywhere around the world and clothing stores being closed more and more people are turning to online shopping. It can be a whole lot of fun - you get to buy clothes without ever getting up from the couch and dream of where you'll be wearing them once we're free to travel again. However, many do not realise the massive impact their orders have on the environment. Your new pair of jeans or a cute bag play a part in the huge amount of plastic and leftover fabrics that end up in the ocean and landfills. Each online order has to be properly packaged in order for it to not get damaged during shipping. For that the easiest option for brands is to use plastic. Now imagine hundreds of thousands of orders from shoppers all over the world, each of them being sent out in plastic packaging. Not to mention the leftover fabrics that are thrown out instead of being used for new items! At Madia & Matilda we always work to become more environmentally friendly - from using recycled packaging to offering the option of carbon neutral delivery. We also use sustainable fibers in our clothing and make sure that all leftover fabrics get reused. Every step of our clothing making process is thoroughly thought about! Check out our collections and help out the environment!

Sincerely Madia & Matilda 

Sunday, 14 February 2021

Easy to follow lockdown challenge


Whilst we are in lockdown, why not follow a challenge with us to keep yourself feeling entertained and organised?

Here is our 5 task challenge!

              Set yourself 5 tasks you wish to complete, they can be anything and there is no pressure.

Some of our ideas..

1. Clean out that wardrobe...

We have all been there, the cluttered wardrobe is no secret, set yourself a task to throw out the old and bring in the new! It is oddly satisfying to sort your clothes out in colours, seasons or however you wish to be organised. Also, buying the same hanger for all your clothes looks great.

2.  Switch socials for podcasts

We can all become consumed with social media to the point where it distracts us from our daily goals. We suggest trying the 1 hour free social media morning when you wake up, looking at a blue screen on your phone as soon as you wake up is not only bad for your health but also distracts you from your daily routine. Try waking up and listening to a podcast that interests you, this allows you to complete your daily tasks but also learn new things. You can find podcasts on Spotify and Youtube for inspiration.

3. Write yourself a letter

Dear future me... 

Give yourself some advice, anything you want to get off your chest, any thoughts and feelings and also future desires and goals. It is really healthy to express your emotions through literature and is a great excerise if you are feeling down.

4. Cooking!

Did you know that baking and cooking are actually forms of artistic meditation? Meditation does not have to be your stereotypical sit down in silence expression. Cooking allows your mind to focus and lets you be rid of outside thoughts. Even if it is not your thing (it certainly was not mine at first) challenge yourself! Find something you have always wanted to try and keep at it until you perfect it to your liking. Focus on creating rather than stressing. 

5. Pamper pamper pamper

Face food masks, self manicure and a hot bubble bath always go down a treat. How about challenge yourself to let go and give yourself some self-love? We will be!

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Sincerely Madia & Matilda 

Sunday, 7 February 2021

8 social media accounts to follow


Since the global pandemic, the digital world has become used more over the last few months than ever before. Popular social media apps such as Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter are booming. We thought since we are all on social media at the moment, we have come up with some great sustainable accounts that you can follow and browse their useful content. 



Besma is a lifestyle blogger who is inspired by sustainable fashion and living a more eco-friendly lifestyle. She shares great posts about sustainable brands and tips.


Clare Press is the first sustainability editor at Vogue magazine and always has sustainable fashion go to's and information that is useful for eco-friendly fashion.


Dominique is known for her blog series and sustainable style and culture which she promotes and explores on her Instagram page.



Sustainable Cities Collective is a sustainable community for leaders of urban and metropolitan areas, providing resources for people who connected to sustainable development.


Green Biz tweets are known for being a Twitter account that is based on green ideas and shares these with the public to inspire and educate.


Sustainable Brands focus on tweeting about inspiring brands to lean towards sustainability to encourage an eco-friendly future in fashion and lifestyle.


Tik Tok has become increasingly popular since the global pandemic came about, it is a quick and easy way to access social media posts.


Megan McSherry is known for being one of the first sustainable TikTokers, she advocates for change and works in sustainable campaigns, she uses her platform to educate people on how to become conscious consumers.


Tristan Detwiler utilises his platform to talk about and promote upcycling of clothing, sharing his story, and inspiring others.

Pinterest boards to follow


They show where to shop for eco & ethical fashion, educating readers on what fast fashion is and what fair trade and ethical clothing means for us as consumers.

Splendid Moon | All About Sustainability 

They show us where to buy sustainable kitchen and home products, working on getting rid of plastic and harmful materials in the house.

Going Zero Waste: eco-friendly lifestyle tips, recipes, and DIYs 

This board is great for giving general, daily life, and sustainable living tips such as what you should stop buying and begin making and products that have zero waste to buy and use in your home. 

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Sincerely Madia & Matilda 

Friday, 5 February 2021

3 tips to style a blazer

Blazers are the latest trend, there is so many ways you can style them. From dressy to casual, winter to summer, we are here to give you our favourite 3 tips for a stunning blazer look!

1. Casual combo 

Style your blazer with denim jeans, any type of jeans will look great. To make it look casual but smart you can add a white tee styled with a chunky necklace, our Ella necklace would look ideal. 

2.  Dressy

Switch it up to evening wear by changing those denim jeans to black jeans, paired with a polo neck for winter and a cami top for summer, such as our Ashley Lace Vest Top

3. A summer accessory 

Try a linen blazer that is a pastel colour to wear over your summer dress or skirt, it is the perfect summertime accessory and makes any look slightly more dressy for the season. 

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Sincerely Madia & Matilda