Sunday, 7 February 2021

8 social media accounts to follow


Since the global pandemic, the digital world has become used more over the last few months than ever before. Popular social media apps such as Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter are booming. We thought since we are all on social media at the moment, we have come up with some great sustainable accounts that you can follow and browse their useful content. 



Besma is a lifestyle blogger who is inspired by sustainable fashion and living a more eco-friendly lifestyle. She shares great posts about sustainable brands and tips.


Clare Press is the first sustainability editor at Vogue magazine and always has sustainable fashion go to's and information that is useful for eco-friendly fashion.


Dominique is known for her blog series and sustainable style and culture which she promotes and explores on her Instagram page.



Sustainable Cities Collective is a sustainable community for leaders of urban and metropolitan areas, providing resources for people who connected to sustainable development.


Green Biz tweets are known for being a Twitter account that is based on green ideas and shares these with the public to inspire and educate.


Sustainable Brands focus on tweeting about inspiring brands to lean towards sustainability to encourage an eco-friendly future in fashion and lifestyle.


Tik Tok has become increasingly popular since the global pandemic came about, it is a quick and easy way to access social media posts.


Megan McSherry is known for being one of the first sustainable TikTokers, she advocates for change and works in sustainable campaigns, she uses her platform to educate people on how to become conscious consumers.


Tristan Detwiler utilises his platform to talk about and promote upcycling of clothing, sharing his story, and inspiring others.

Pinterest boards to follow


They show where to shop for eco & ethical fashion, educating readers on what fast fashion is and what fair trade and ethical clothing means for us as consumers.

Splendid Moon | All About Sustainability 

They show us where to buy sustainable kitchen and home products, working on getting rid of plastic and harmful materials in the house.

Going Zero Waste: eco-friendly lifestyle tips, recipes, and DIYs 

This board is great for giving general, daily life, and sustainable living tips such as what you should stop buying and begin making and products that have zero waste to buy and use in your home. 

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