Sunday, 14 February 2021

Easy to follow lockdown challenge


Whilst we are in lockdown, why not follow a challenge with us to keep yourself feeling entertained and organised?

Here is our 5 task challenge!

              Set yourself 5 tasks you wish to complete, they can be anything and there is no pressure.

Some of our ideas..

1. Clean out that wardrobe...

We have all been there, the cluttered wardrobe is no secret, set yourself a task to throw out the old and bring in the new! It is oddly satisfying to sort your clothes out in colours, seasons or however you wish to be organised. Also, buying the same hanger for all your clothes looks great.

2.  Switch socials for podcasts

We can all become consumed with social media to the point where it distracts us from our daily goals. We suggest trying the 1 hour free social media morning when you wake up, looking at a blue screen on your phone as soon as you wake up is not only bad for your health but also distracts you from your daily routine. Try waking up and listening to a podcast that interests you, this allows you to complete your daily tasks but also learn new things. You can find podcasts on Spotify and Youtube for inspiration.

3. Write yourself a letter

Dear future me... 

Give yourself some advice, anything you want to get off your chest, any thoughts and feelings and also future desires and goals. It is really healthy to express your emotions through literature and is a great excerise if you are feeling down.

4. Cooking!

Did you know that baking and cooking are actually forms of artistic meditation? Meditation does not have to be your stereotypical sit down in silence expression. Cooking allows your mind to focus and lets you be rid of outside thoughts. Even if it is not your thing (it certainly was not mine at first) challenge yourself! Find something you have always wanted to try and keep at it until you perfect it to your liking. Focus on creating rather than stressing. 

5. Pamper pamper pamper

Face food masks, self manicure and a hot bubble bath always go down a treat. How about challenge yourself to let go and give yourself some self-love? We will be!

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Sincerely Madia & Matilda 

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