Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Culture - Festival Fashion

Lets let our hair down to the sound of the heavy base, dreamlike vocals and the clapping tambourine, its festival time. That pulsating rhythm and unbearable energy  that has been building up as excitement for many moons since can finally be shed in the 2-5 most crazy days of your life in a random field in the middle of nowhere. Don’t we love Britain. We really know how to make the most of our unpredictable weather and many empty fields. There are many festival looks that all set you apart from your normal mundane life ,that a festivals so kindly rescue you from, which one are you?

The raver, this is the type of person that will DIY their trainers with neon paint which they did in the back seat of their friends car on the way over, but actually look amazing! Neon and bright colours are your best friends, the more noticeable you can be in the mist of a crowd getting down and cutting shapes, the better. For the best festival inspiration we recommend the 80’s and ‘rave culture’, accessories would include neon body paint with neon bracelets. To feel a more festival vibe rather than a club vibe wear a very secure flower crown, very secure, any tie dye or psychedelic prints. You go girl! ‘@xc3pti0nal’ is the perfect instagram inspiration for you.

These are for the more barefoot hippies at heart, you like your bindi’s and face jewels with as much glitter as your can get your hands on.  If you end up being attracted to and wearing lots of other cultural influences like India or Africa clothing this is probably you. Kimono’s, Indian prints, lots of heavy jewelry and headbands that stretch across your forehead with hair feathers that seem to be even longer than your long locks/dreds. If you want any instagramers that get your level look at ‘@ttigerlilly’  and ‘@alisa.belochkina’ these girls know how to style the ultimate boho look.

Silly costumes
These are the theme searchers, the dress code organizers, if there’s a dress up theme, you will go all out. Onsies of every kind and every animal, outrageous banana costumes and meme inspired costumes. You’ll make lots of friends I can assure you, that’s the fantastic thing about wearing outlandish funny costumes you get a lot of appreciation and attention, so if your aim is to make as many friends as possible then wear something crazy and you’ll be sorted.

The relaxed party goer
This the type of person who comes across as a lot more laid back kinda gal, you will maybe be a bit more sensible about your look, more practical. And I don’t mean boring ladies and gentleman, I mean not freezing your self to death round the camp fire because your wearing short shorts and practically just a bra. You go for a Kate moss kind of look, a pair of knee high boots/wellies with some hot pants and a floaty top a singular gold chain necklace, with a waistcoat adorned with tasttles. Our colour pallete is a more monochromatic classic type. This is a very popular look for lots of festival goers and we should take a leaf out of their book because they are probably the most prepared for the mud and crazy.

Have fun this festival season and don’t feel confined by these categories We’ve set, mix them up and have fun with your own style. Have one on us 

Sincerely Madia & Matilda

Monday, 11 July 2016

Music - Summer Sessions Playlist

This summer we are letting our hair down to these tunes, enjoy our Madia & Matilda playlist.

Final song- MO
    Ann Marie-Do it right
          MNEK-the rhythm
             Bombay bicycle club- Luna
                Solange-Love is in the parking lot
                   Jesse wear- Wildest moments
                      Sigma-Nobody to love
                          Half moon run- Call me in the aftanoon
                             Corrine Bailey Rae- Put your records on

                                      Sincerely Madia & Matilda