Thursday, 24 October 2019

3 Steps for more eco-friendly Green Christmas?

 Whilst many consider Christmas to be the most wonderful year, unfortunately, for the environment – it’s anything but.

Every year, Brits throw away 226,800 miles of wrapping paper over the festive period, which is enough to stretch around the world nine times!
Most Christmas traditions are destined for landfill; unfortunately there is millions of plates worth of uneaten food to Christmas trees which are thrown into landfill after a couple of weeks and then there's the plastic decorations

However, luckily for those who are dreaming of a green Christmas, our guide to a more conscious Christmas makes it super easy to adapt and change our shopping habits

1.Don’t Over Load The Fridge

Did you know that every year, Brits throw away 54 million platefuls of food over the festive period? Furthermore, 25 million Christmas pudding packages are thrown away! 

it is clear that we have a food waste problem. However, we can change this by trying to consider what is really needed.. Shopping more consciously by creating a shopping list before you go.  Its always temping to fall for food offers such as buy one get one free, but do you really need that much double cream. 


2. The Art of Gift Giving: Focus on Quality, Not Quantity

Christmas may be a time of giving (and of course, receiving) Here's our tips to gift giving the eco-friendly way.

When shopping for presents, ask your questions like “is this just a novelty present?”, “will they actually use this?” and “am I just buying for the sake of it?” Instead of buying numerous unnecessary gifts – focus on quality and choose presents which will not only last but are made by ethical brands or gifting memorable experiences.

You could even find inspiration from our Gift guide on 17th November. Not only will your loved one appreciate the luxury feeling of the ethical alternative, but it also means that you will not be contributing to the cycle of cheap and unwanted gifts that are tossed into landfill each year.

3. Reduce, Reuse or Reduce Your Wrapping Paper

Each Christmas, the UK uses 40 million rolls of sticky-tape, and 226,800 miles of wrapping paper – both of which can’t be recycled.

Instead of contributing to this waste, 
save money and also the environment by, saving this year’s wrapping paper and use it next year? Another eco-friendly alternatives, is to invest in reusable wrapping paper, or purchasing brown paper packaging or tape, which can be recycled, plus it looks uber chic.

If you're looking for a last minute gift that remain ethical, durable and ecological, why not purchase our gift card. It can be sent as an e-card which has zero carbon foot print.


We hope you liked our conscious suggestions, if you have any tips or  eco-friendly alternative for Christmas this year? Share it with us in the comments below, and share this article with your friends and family or pin-in for later!

Sincerely Madia & Matilda 

Thursday, 17 October 2019

Sustainable Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and true to traditions, we know most will be planning a party or movie night therefore we've prepared some sustainable fancy dress to trick or treating, and everything in-between.

Traditional Halloween decorations and outfits are very wasteful — however, we've compiled a few tricks and treats to a less wasteful event.

Below, we take a look at how you can make your Halloween celebrations more sustainable this year, and for future years to come.

Halloween costumes

Some questions to ask yourself before you buy a brand new costume:
Will it be worn more than once?
Will it fit next year?
Could you make one instead from other items you have at home?
Does the costume from last year still fit?
Could you buy one second-hand instead?

Or if you need a new outfit, can you buy a sustainable item that you can wear over and over

Whether you decide to refashion or rent a costume, there are plenty of options you could try that are less harmful to the planet.

Ergo our idea for a sustainable Halloween - Theme, TV Characters, which one are you?

Sabrina the Teenage Witch

90's super casual, but with a hint of sparkle; Sabrina style is effortless and clearly timeless, much like our style here at M&M. Our favourite would have to be the Emily dress or Amelia with the Jennifer top.

Lilly - Pleated Skirt
Macie - Checked Skirt
Kalinda - Strap Top

Daphne & Velma - Scooby Doo Dress Up

Not your average Velma & Daphne costume, why not change it up a little! No more dowdy Velma; swap a knitted jumper for our upcycled satin dress or a our Chloe top and jeans would make a good crime fighting Daphne.

Maddison - Pleated Top

Rosie - Tunic Dress, Minnie- Linen Panel Skirt, Amara - Sheer Dress

Wednesday & Morticia Addams

The Addams girls are much the same! Have you seen how Christina Ricci broke the internet dresses as Morticia. Below are a few style picks that could do the same. Our Ella dress now comes in black and white trim, which the perfect Wednesday and for a timeless dress our 

Rosemary - Wrap Dress
Una - Asymmetric Dress
Ella - Jersey Dress

Making your own decorations

Many Halloween decorations are made on the other side of the world, mainly with plastics and a lot of them are disposed of after the party. To avoid this, you can easily create your own decorations to reduce your impact of the environment

Carving the Jack O’Lantern

There a satisfaction to creating the perfect pumpkin; a masterpiece to scare trick or treaters. It almost becomes a competition of who can create the most gruesome on the street! 

It all starts with picking the best pumpkin, so why not support your local farmers? There are loads of pumpkin farmers all around the country who grow pumpkins and many of them will sell directly to the customer. If you have kids this is a great day out as, some might even let you go into the fields and pick your pumpkin! 

Remember, buying form the farmer directly, the smaller the carbon footprint. One of the most frightening facts about Halloween is just how much pumpkin waste goes to landfill – an estimated 5 million pumpkins each year in the UK. When there are so many environmentally friendly alternatives, there’s really no reason to throw out your pumpkin. 

For instance you could create a soup, or a cake, or even the classic pumpkin pie, there are so many ways you can enjoy your pumpkin! Take a look at BBC Good Food for ideas of pumpkin recipes.

When pumpkins go into landfill, they take a very long time to breakdown, why not try composting your carved pumpkin in the garden. And if you don’t have a compost bin at home, check your local councils’ website for your closest composting site. (make sure you’ve removed any tea lights or candles) and they will be taken away with your weekly collection. 

Eco-friendly treats

Looking for alternative treats to give (and eat!), whether it is for your family, friends or the neighbour’s kids who knock on your door saying “trick or treat”, here are  a few ideas

Choose candies without animal gelatine or food additives by carefully reading the products’ composition or by buying directly on dedicated websites, for example Approved foodsPlanet Organic or Ethical Superstore.

Buy at alternative stores that are proven to lower harm to the planet or buy in, bulk candies in big packaging, instead of individuals to lessen the waste and recycle at dedicated shops that use the packaging to make other products.

Cakes or decorated fruit, instead of sweets or create your own treats; h
alloween is the perfect time to get creative with food and bake your own Halloween treats. 

 Even your local farmers markets have organic cakes and treats to supply guest or neighbors.

Wicker baskets all the way! Boo to plastic sweet buckets

Use your 
imagination when it come to replacing plastic sweet buckets, you could try a wicker basket like Mia Mitchell, from Good Trouble or an inventive pillow case, or one of our tote bags or even use handbag. 

Sincerely Madia & Matilda 

Thursday, 10 October 2019

Culture - Becoming a Change Maker

The climate movement, what all the fuss is about? The reality of how we as humans have been living is causing unfathomable damage to the planet.  With climate strikes and protests around the world; it has become an opportunity to involve everyone in this fight for our common future to focus on solidarity for awareness and change. 

That’s what the climate strikes are: a peaceful reminder that young and old on every continent are now called to an intrinsically global fight. 

How can you make a difference, when the damage is already done you ask?  

Changing the products we buy, not just the clothes we wear; but also thinking about meal preparation to reduce waste, shopping in independent stores or buying second hand or hand crafted and purchasing for refillable stores.

It will take small steps, but the more small steps you make the easier it becomes. For tips on how to be more eco-conscious why not check out our guide to ethical shopping  

Sincerely Madia & Matilda