Saturday, 26 December 2020

New Year's Resolutions


2020 has definitely been a hectic year. But the magic of a new year is that it promises change, growth and a better you. We at Madia & Matilda believe that the better you is the one that is kind to yourself, to others and especially the Earth. So for this upcoming year we have a couple of resolutions you can make to be more considerate of our planet.

  1. Ditch plastic bags! Buy yourself a tote bag that you can reuse time and time again instead of getting a new plastic bag every time you go shopping - they are extremely harmful to animals and nature!

For example, get yourself the Printed Canvas bag from Madia & Matilda.

  1. Raise awareness - spread your knowledge around recycling to your friends and family. You never know who you might inspire to also be better!

  2. Carry a reusable water bottle.

  3. Buy eco-friendly. Support the environment by supporting companies who are trying to minimize their carbon footprint.

  4. Get involved and volunteer for beach and forest cleanups!

  1. Say no to disposable straws and cutlery!

We hope these ideas will inspire you to spend 2021 helping the Earth in any way you can - every small contribution makes a difference!

Sincerely Madia & Matilda 

Friday, 25 December 2020

Vegan tips for life


A plant-based diet and becoming a vegan are two different subjects, decide why you want to become vegan if it is for the diet or if it is for the animal welfare side. If it is a bit of both remember perfection does not exist when it comes to being a vegan. Just doing your best is what you should strive for. 

My first tip would be to go in slow. Try being a vegetarian first. Do this for a few weeks and then the transition to a full-blown vegan diet is much easier. 

Next tip: Try not to be an unhealthy vegan. Chips and coke can be vegan. You do not want to end up overweight with skin issues and low energy levels. Look out for replacements to get you through in the beginning. Tofu, soy, tempeh are all good protein alternatives. Check out all the recipes online. Pinterest is a good site for recipe inspiration.

You can pretty much make any of your non-vegan meals with vegan replacements or simply leaving out the non-vegan ingredients. My favorite egg replacement is chia and flaxseed mixed with a little water which goes great in cakes and bakes. Tofu scramble instead of eggs are easy and healthy.

Do not let people judge you, if you are concerned with this you do not have to announce to everyone you are vegan, you can always say you follow a plant-based diet. On the other side, it is also important to understand people who are not vegan. If there is one way to turn people off beckoning vegan, it is a vegan that does not understand or judges them. Remember this is a lifestyle, not a diet, start slow and see how your mind and body feel in the process.

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Sincerely Madia & Matilda 

Tuesday, 22 December 2020

Movies to Watch


As the weather turns cold for winter, and the pandemic means the majority of us will be indoors, we thought we could recommend some great movies for you to watch. Whether you are watching a film alone or with friends and family, we think you will enjoy these suggestions. With Christmas quickly approaching around the corner, what better time to snuggle up in your pyjamas with some treats and put a movie on.

Here are some of our festive recommendations which you can find on Netflix: 

  • Holidate
  • The Princess Switched: Switched again
  • Dolly Parton's Christmas on the Square
  • Operation Christmas drop
  • A Bad Mom's Christmas
  • JingleJangle A Christmas Journey

If you do not fancy festive or just need a break inbetween for a different genre, we have some suggestions for other movies available on Netflix which are full of drama and suspense: 
  • Rocks
  • The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
  • Rebbecca
  • Enola Holmes
  • To all The Boys I've Loved Before
  • 13th 
  • The Queen's Gambit

Last but not least, you can not beat a classic at Christmas. Here are our recommended classic movies for this winter:

  • Love Actually
  • Home Alone
  • The Grinch 
  • Elf
  • Holiday Inn
  • It's a Wonderful Life
  • Miracle on 34th Street
  • The Holiday

Give these films a try and let us know what you think! Tag and mention us on your Instagram stories.

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Sincerely Madia & Matilda 

Sunday, 6 December 2020

Self Care Yoga Tips


With the current lockdown and strict tier system in place, this is the perfect time to focus on the mind and body. With our quick yoga tips you can begin to practice self-care at home. 

Yoga can be accessible and adaptable to the individual. The practice of yoga is not just physical, it is 90% mindful. Once you begin to align both of these together you will see the true benefits. If you are a beginner you can start off with some easy breathing techniques for your mind, and some beneficial stretches for your body.

Yoga is scientifically known to boost your immune system, improving your health, which it is essential to stay fit and healthy during the current pandemic. 

Lets begin with breathing, if you feel yourself becoming overwhelmed or stressed with exterior problems such as work, take two minutes to deep breathe. Take a long inhalation, following your breathing as it circulates the body and becomes a deep exhalation. Keep following those inhales and exhales, letting the shoulders release on the exhalation and your ribs lift on the inhalation. 

You can also try counting the breath, this is a great technique if you suffer from anxiety, lets try it now. Deep breath in for the count of 1, 2, 3 seconds. Deep breath out for the count of 3, 2, 1 seconds. Continue this and concentrate on the breath, this allows you to divert your focus on your body rather than your thoughts and overworked mind. 

Now some self-care yoga stretches, if you are sat at a desk or working from home, try this.. 

Begin with a supine twist for 8 breaths on your right side, followed by 8 breaths on your left side. This should release any tension built up in the lower back. 

Stretch your arms over the chair and lift your chest tilting the head back, from here we can take a shoulder squeeze pose. 

If you can take 10 minutes out of your day in the morning or evening, it is great for the mind and body to take a childs pose followed by a cobra pose on a yoga matt. These are simple yet effective. 

Most importantly, for self-care, celebrate yourself and trust yourself. Slow down and give yourself a few minutes a day to breathe, stretch, focus on your mind, body, and health. By doing this, we can heal ourselves through yoga. Allow yourself to let go each day at a time. 

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Sincerely Madia & Matilda 

Thursday, 3 December 2020

Christmas Wish List

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Wish list

Christmas is closely approaching and it is the perfect time to start thinking about gifts for your loved ones and yourself. We have created a Madia & Matilda wish list for you to browse, helping you find some inspiration from our favourite products this season. 

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Ines - Pleated Zip Front Skirt


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Jersey - Dress

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Bias Cut, Slip dress

Amanda - Blouse

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Jersey wrap top

Dina - Lace Blouse

Dina - Lace Blouse

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Jessie - Trouser

Mazy - Paisley Silhouette Earrings - Jewellery

Mazy - Paisley Silhouette Earrings Jewellery

'Prism' - Clutch Bag


Sincerely Madia & Matilda 

Tuesday, 1 December 2020

Vegan Blueberry Banana Oat Bread

During the first lockdown the world saw everyone become obsessed with banana bread - people were sharing recipes, attempting to cook it at home and posting about it on social media. For lockdown 2.0 we found a slightly different recipe for those of you who did not get to try it out last time or for those who want to cook it again but with a little twist. So if you are looking for a fun activity to do during this lockdown - keep reading!

This banana bread is different from the typical as it is made with oats and blueberries. Oats are nutritious and will fill you up for hours whilst blueberries are known for being one of the best sources for antioxidants!

This particular recipe is also perfect for our vegan readers as it contains no dairy or eggs.

The ingredients you will need are:

  • Bananas

  • Baking powder

  • Baking soda

  • Salt

  • Almond milk (unsweetened)

  • Blueberries (fresh or frozen)

  • Oats

  • Light spelt flour

  • Grapeseed oil/light flavored oil/applesauce

  • Vanilla extract

  • Cinnamon

First you need to mash your bananas by hand - the best way to do so is by using the back of a slotted spoon or fork.

Mix together the flour, oats, sugar, baking powder, baking soda and salt. Add to that the mashed bananas, oil and almond milk. Mix to combine, just until the flour is incorporated - make sure you do not overmix. Then, gently fold in the blueberries.

Pour the batter into a lightly greased loaf pan. Optionally, add a few blueberries strategically to the top and sprinkle a small handful of oats over top.

Place in a preheated oven and bake for 50 to 55 minutes, rotating once halfway through. The top of your bread should turn golden. If you stick a toothpick in the center it will come out clean.

Once done, let cool for 15 minutes in the pan and then place on a rack to cool completely.

Hope you enjoy!

Recipe from The Simple Veganista:

Sincerely Madia & Matilda