Thursday, 9 March 2017

AREA CODE - Curious in Cardiff

Today we want to celebrate the lovely city that is Cardiff, which is where our showcase is taking us next! Why not join us on the 10th and take the time to enjoy some of these awesome opportunities at the same time?

1)    Cardiff Bay

Cardiff’s waterfront offers loads to do for all ages and interests. Not only is it home to various eateries, boat trips and cultural attractions, but it is enough to keep you occupied all day, and night. The Cardiff Bay barrage holds a wicked kids’ playground to entertain any little ones you might have with you, and boat trips are available if you prefer to see the Bay from a little closer up. Our particular favourite has to be Mermaid Quay bars and amusements though, so keep an eye out for those!

2)    National Museum Cardiff and St Fagans National History Museum

The National Museum Cardiff is one that’s fun for all the family, as it is home to the likes of Impressionist paintings and dinosaurs and the world’s largest Leatherback Turtle and a skeleton of a Humpback Whale! They even offer a Guided Tour daily from 12.30pm that last approximately 35 minutes.

St Fagans Museum is also another top 10. Not only is it one of Europe's leading open–air museums and Wales's most popular heritage attraction, but admission is also free! The Museum has been open since 1948 and is still going strong, with various events taking place on site throughout the year. Check out what they have to offer here.

3)    Cardiff Castle

A must-see for any history buff you are bringing along with you! Explore the stunning blast-to-the-past and history within the castles walls.
4)    Farmers Market

This is perhaps our number one on our list of Cardiff to-dos! Not only is the food all locally sourced, something we here at Madia and Matilda are very passionate about, but they also support local businesses. The Market is celebrating its 19th year this year and is sure to be another incredible year. Check it out here.

5)    The Cardiff Story

The Cardiff Story is a good way to start your own Cardiff story of explorations! It is housed in the beautiful Old Library Building in the middle of the city and, quite literally, tells the story of Cardiff! This includes the transformation of Cardiff from a small market town to the cosmopolitan city we know and love nowadays. Find out more here.
Don’t just listen to me, take a sneak peek at what these Cardiff bloggers have to say about the EPIC city here.
Have a great trip!

Sincerely Madia & Matilda

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