Sunday, 14 April 2019

Fashion Revolution Week

We at Madia & Matilda, are making change working towards
zero waste sustainable clothing cutting down our carbon impact and
working with Fashion Revolution, London Organic, Kindred and other designers to make 
a difference to the way we shop.

Fashion Revolution started, people from all over the world have
used their voice and their power that things must change. And we agree it time to change now, That’s why Madia & Matilda work from our own studio, where we work with awesome people from all over the world. Meet the people who make your clothes, 

The industry is starting to change and more brands are being open about where their clothes are made.We shall be discussing the people behind the clothes we wear.  

Crafty Ladies - Upcycling Workshop run by Madia & Matilda

With Madia & Matilda, you can be sure about the provenance of your garments – we know all our makers personally, in a good working environment, unlike other areas where workers are forced to work long hours in unsafe working conditions.

We campaign for a fashion industry that conserves and restores our environment and gives people, especially women, a voice. An industry where dignity in work is the standard and not an exception. On 24 April 2013, the Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh collapsed. 1,138 people died and another 2,500 were injured, making it the fourth largest industrial disaster in history.

Independent ethical brands from around the UK came together once again at London’s Kindred on Friday 26th April for London Organic's thought-provoking talks on what it means for you, or your business, to be ‘sustainable’ and ‘ethical’ while taking in short presentations from experts across the fashion sector.

In addition to talks and Q&A with a riveting mix of industry leaders and influences, Madia & Matilda showcased our collection in Catwalk show and there was also an opportunity to buy from those leading in the sustainable fashion and beauty fields!

Here at Madia & Matilda, We consider each detail of the journey of our clothing, from the fabrics we use, to how we design, make and deliver our garments and its wash care process beyond in its life cycle. Our ongoing relationships with production partners and other hand crafters. All carefully considered, we find it important to ensure that the up-most kindness and respect is shown to the people and partners we work with. In fact, we’ve been working alongside the same few partners and makers for for around six years now, and since then we’ve grown our businesses and skills together.

As proud supporters of zero waste, slow fashion, our clothes are made to last, to be loved, and to be worn again and again. With this in mind we design for long term trends and instead, create timeless, contemporary pieces that our customers will love, with the greater aim of cutting down our environmental carbon impact. To find out more sign up to our newsletters

Clothes worth wearing are worth repairing

When we wear our favourite items time and again, they are bound to show signs of wear and tear. But alteration to the zip or fixing a missing button, hem or torn sleeve can prolong the lifecycle of your garment and if it is a good outfit, why throw it away? It’s so easy to repair them with a patch, stitch or by darning. Be proud of the clothes you love! Check out our Alterations & price list and blog post on care for your clothing

If you aren’t able to repair the clothing you no longer want, why not get creative? Try upcycling your old clothing to make it into something new. We've held workshops and upcycling classes over the years with a little elbow grease you create something new from your old garments.

Keep an eye out on our Facebook & Instagram Stories! @madiamatilda @madiamatilda_insider for further information on new classes

Books to read on Sustainability and Upcycled fashion

- Make sure you pick up a copy of Fashion Revolution’s book, Loved Clothes Last.

- A copy our our piece published in Clothing Cultures Jounal by Intellect Ltd

- Also check out Fashion Revolution’s Loved Clothes Last film – a thought-provoking, three minute short film directed by Balthazar Klarwein.

- To Die For: Is Fashion Wearing Out the World? Book by Lucy Siegle

- Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion Book by Elizabeth L. Cline

- Sustainable Fashion and Textiles Book by Kate Fletcher

- The Sustainable Fashion Handbook Book by Sandy Black

Sincerely Madia & Matilda

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