Friday, 13 November 2020

Lockdown 2.0


Here we are - back in another national lockdown. During these four weeks you might begin to feel overwhelmed by it all or anxious about the future. We are here to help and for that we have composed a list of things you can do to make this period a little more easier and fun.

It’s easy to pressure yourself into being ‘productive’, many of us may be part of the furlough scheme or not currently working which often can make us feel we have to compensate for this by setting several goals to achieve in this time frame. For example, learning a new language or painting that bathroom you have always put off painting. Well, instead, let’s try and ease that pressure by setting yourself one goal at a time and accepting that it is ok to complete this goal in your own time and comfort. 

  1. Start journaling. Writing down your thoughts can be very cathartic and help you gain some perspective on your emotions.

Things to do in lockdown, journal

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  1. Learn a language. What better time to do so than right now?

The language learning app Duolingo

  1. Declutter and organize your wardrobe! Decide which clothes you do not use anymore and recycle them. If you find that you might need some new pieces - check out Madia & Matilda! Out with the old in with the new – yes, that’s right, this is the ideal time to get rid of all those unwanted clothes in your wardrobe – recycle, make it sustainable, re sell, or create new garments. Take this time to fill your wardrobe with things that are lockdown appropriate, for example, loungewear like our Kirsty top.  Need some help decluttering why not try out our virtual styling consultations we can help you to declutter.

Clarisse - Side Split Skirt

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  1. Learn a new dance! Whether you're quarantining by yourself or with friends and family, dancing will definitely help lift your spirits.

  1. Cook something you've never tried before. Staying at home can become quite boring - bring a little excitement into your meals by trying out new recipes.


It’s ok to take a break from the news, sometimes it can become overwhelming. Saying this, it’s a great idea to have some time off of your phone and set it aside too, you can set up in iPhone settings for a specific part of the day to be phone free. This is a great way to encourage yourself to take some time away from your screen.

If you feel your routine has been lost, create a new one. Whether this is setting an alarm to wake yourself up in the morning, to having an afternoon cup of tea, create a new path for yourself over the next coming weeks. You may want to break the day up with a run or walk, fresh air is great for your lungs and heart and can also make you feel refreshed. 

There are several different ways of meditating, this does not have to be meditation itself, it can be meditating through activity such as painting, gardening, baking and cooking. Allow your mind to become focused on something artistic to relieve any stress or anxieties you may feel.

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P.S…We would love to see how you are getting on during this time, tag us in your social media lockdown posts with #MADIAMATILDATOGETHER, we are in this together!

Sincerely Madia & Matilda 

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