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Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Beauty Spotlight on - Lola's Apothecary

Lola’s Apothecary

Today we are proud to introduce to you another like-minded brand whose products we sell via our website: Lola’s Apothecary! The brand is the creation of lovely Lola, and supplies our customers with incredibly fragrant things designed to nourish and pimp up your bod. “Belief in wellness and a holistic approach to life” lies firmly at the heart of Lola’s sweet self-care utopia (aka Devon). Um, can we move there please?

Indulge yourself or a loved one with a selection of the following...

The Delicate Romance Pocket Collection, with all its gorgeous rosy hues, is a perfect little taster of the delights offered by Lola’s Apothecary. Think Snape: this little package was definitely made to ‘ensnare the senses’! and a perfect unexpected gift for a loved one.

For a bath that leaves you with your skin feeling amazing (like, floating-on-clouds, double-choc-ice-cream amazing), pour a little of Lola’s award-winning “Queen of Roses” Bath Milk into your bath, hop in, and let it do its magic. Emma Watson, a huge advocate of sustainable fashion and beauty, swears by it. She calls it “amazing” and “incredible”, and we’re totally with her on that one.

Sweet Lullaby candle is made of a blend of all-natural plant waxes. Its layers of scent include a heart of lavender and ylang ylang, blended with patchouli, vanilla and sweet orange. With the recent focus on renewable energy and fuels, we’ve been extra careful to invest in non-petroleum based candles. You’re safe with this one, trust us!

This time of year can take its toll on your skin. Icy blasts outside, high central heating inside? If this sounds familiar, look no further for a skin-saving solution: Balancing Body Soufflé. Made from shea and coconut butters with camellia oil and fragranced with lots of amazing essential oils, this butter is also great as an after-sun treatment. Show your skin some love, ladies!

Tranquil Isle Bath Salt. I mean, who doesn’t need this?! 2018 has already proved just as hectic and stressful as 2017 for some of us. May we suggest pouring a small handful of this lovely stuff into a hot bath and letting everything float away for a little while? The bath salts contain chamomile, a gentle sedative, and vetivert, known for reducing tension and aiding sleep. Queue up here, and three cheers for Mother Nature!

Making and promoting great products which have a super low negative ecological impact on the planet is always our goal. We love telling you about fellow pioneers of happy, friendly products in the fashion and beauty industry, and hope you’re feeling the benefits of supporting small, local businesses!

Sincerely Madia & Matilda

Thursday, 9 March 2017


With International Women's Day being yesterday, we thought we would take the time to celebrate all things Female. Here at Madia & Matilda, we believe women should relish in the achievements of each other and celebrate our beauty and uniqueness as individual women and our clothes are designed to celebrate that.

Each lovely lady in your life - be it your gal pals, your mum, a sister or aunt, or even a celeb you look up to - is important in shaping who you are, and we want to celebrate YOU! To do this, women should support each others strengths and weakness and relish in our individuality and unique beauty.

Love Your Body. 

Why not try some of our Lola's Apothecary scented candles to make loving your body just a little sweeter? A beauty label Loved by Emma Watson our Girl Crush and inspirational ethical advocate.

Another option would be to treat yourself, or a lovely lady in your life, to something from our new collection, available today. Can't choose? Why not pick up a voucher and choose later?

We are all about the good vibes! 

Lets keep it going! Help us celebrate International Womens Day today by posting a selfie on Instagram with the hashtag #madiamatildababes #InternationalWomensDay and tagging @madiamatilda_insider for a chance to be featured on our Insider Instagram later this week!

Be proud of who you are!

Sincerely Madia & Matilda