Thursday, 10 August 2017

Good Read

Madia & Matilda’s spotlight book- ‘The Curated Closet: Discover Your Personal Style and Build Your Dream Wardrobe’ by Anuscka Rees

Think spring cleaning should be left until actual spring? Think again! It’s always the right time to de-clutter, change your diet or pick up that new hobby that you’ve wanted to explore.

There’s a consciousness here at Madia & Matilda about reducing waste; finding innovative ways to use up even the tiniest swatch of fabric. This way of thinking does mean that we have to be clever about how we store and work with materials. For most, this mentality is prevalent in our personal lives too. As a consumer, this book brings focus to how we approach fashion and in particular, waste form day to day.

Read between the lines with this lovely book. As seen with our curated brands Alphabet necklace.

It’s interesting to read the similarities in both our ethos and that of the book. We aim to create timeless pieces that you can fall in love with and can wear for a long time;there’s an emphasis in the book on buying fewer clothes that you feel excited about wearing, rather than a lot of clothes because they’re on sale or in fashion. 

If reading is your bag, the Edinburgh International Book Festival is taking place on 12-28th August. This Hettie ‘Ella’ bag is perfect for the odd book and your daily essentials if you’re going to take part.

In favour of a lighter touch of reading, we suggest browsing the twitter feed of Ethical Hour. Have a look if you want to get more involved with sustainable brands.

With a good book or some headphones in, either way you could cosy up with our new pillows, made with upcycled fabric. A worthwhile read on a quite afternoon. 

                  Sincerely Madia & Matilda

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