Sunday, 10 December 2017

Fashion Edit: Bring Out the Blues!

Outfit ideas that have you covered—
from the club to work's Christmas do!
Image credit: Disney Princess
Blue is a classy colour, no doubt about that. We've selected a few pieces below in the cool hue, which are perfect for going out in, whatever the occasion. We've thrown in a great pair of snazzy vegan shoes for good measure. There's also some stunning jewellery from Lily Flo. So just be blue— on the outside, not the inside!

Team our Delia dress with Lily Flo's bar necklace (pictured below) for a statement look.

There's nothing like a flared skirt for dancing, ask Cinderella! How about wearing our sassy Sapphire dress (above) with a sparkly long-sleeved top underneath for colder nights? 

Accessories are key, but that doesn't mean you have to go crazy (unless you're into that!). Keep it simple and subtle with Lily Flo's rose gold stud earrings, pictured above, and let your dance moves do the talking! Also, know that feeling when you wear massive dangly earrings and they whack you in the eye? Not great.

Bourgeois Boheme makes stylish, animal-free footwear. Above is their classic Kate style, perfect for any event! (And *psst* — that's our sweet pink Stone skater dress too!)

Why should dresses have all the fun? Playsuits are very popular, and we totally get it because you can wear them anywhere! Team our Ivy playsuit with a cropped jacket and you're good to go.

Put together a killer outfit this month? Tag us in a pic, we'd love to see!

Sincerely Madia & Matilda

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