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Sunday, 16 February 2020

Things to do in - Victoria, Islington, Dalston & Peckham

If you have been following our escapades on social media, you will have seen us pop up in secret locations around London this month. 

As it is fashion week, we wanted to showcase the best of our sustainable fashion range while meeting and exploring with the city. Therefore we have complied this guide to London's best kept secrets and as it is half term, why not check it out for your self. 


Packed with great restaurants, bars and things to do, we visited Peckham levels - a fantastic community hub jam packed with events, Sip on cocktails and eat an array of foods all while gazing at the London skyline at Near and Far bar in Peckham Levels 

The Prince of Peckham is also a must visit for culture, community and good food or you could explore Peckham’s cultural quarter at Copeland Park and Bussey Building or catch a movie at the Peckhamplex 

Our designer Shalize regularly visits and knows the area well and recommends Bellenden Road for eating, drinking and shopping with cute little vintage shops & independent boutiques it's a good Saturday out on the high st.

One great pit stop along Bellenden road is the Begging bowl a Japanese restaurant for the foodie obsessed for independent boutiques this street is brimming with cool stores to visit.

Islington / Victoria 

In a prime location between the hustle and bustle of central London and the affluent suburbs of north London, Islington is a shopping hive of activity, dining and drinking options, Islington is not just for the Socialist.With a vibrant arts scene and big-name theatres and clubs. Check out our picks for the best things to do and see in Islington. 

Browse in Camden Passage If you are after a flat white in funky café Drink, Shop & Do, a cafe and moonlights as a hip bar running quirky craft and disco events is the perfect pitstop.

Shop at the Farmers Market Islington Farmers’ Market is the place to go for fresh seasonal produce. Open every Sunday from 10am to 2pm, the market sells everything from cakes to fresh pasta and fruit and veg and even flowers 

Visit the Theatre 
Almeida is a small local theatre that’s made a big impact on London’s performing arts scene. Open since 1980, this theatre puts on a variety of drama productions, ranging from classics such as Orwell’s 1984 and Shakespeare’s Hamlet to new productions by contemporary playwrights. 325-seat theatre, shows most plays in London’s West End. 

Looking for a laugh, Angel Comedy Club 
Currently hosted between two venues. The Camden Head, which hosts Angel Comedy Raw. It’s a free night featuring a mixed bill of new and established acts. The Hen & Chickens Theatre Bar.. It shows fringe theatre, stand up and even TV sitcom and sketch show read throughs. There’s also occasional Edinburgh previews and improv nights. 

Aesop store is a must, the aromas that come from this store are out of this world. Beautiful moisturizer and fragrances teas, if you are a beauty guru this will be up your street. 

Visit Upper st, which runs right through Islington as its main high st.

Our recent event at The Market Hall Victoria 

Market Hall Victoria 

The affordably priced Market hall Victoria is well worth a visit, we visited for an event at the Market hall. (see the pictures above) Just a stones-throw away is Wicked, which if you were planning a trip you could catch in the theatre in Victoria

Dalston / Hackney
Draughts Board Games Bar A gamers dream! There are over one thousand games to play inside Draught’s most recent bar, which has relocated from its former Haggerston home, to this grade-II listed space. Expect delicious cocktails, and even more tasty food in this stylish bar Find it at 41 Kingsland High Street, E8 2JS. 

Rio Cinema One of the few independent Art Deco cinemas in London, It mostly shows foreign and indie films, although you might catch a mainstream movie every once in a while. The architecture is beautiful, the auditorium boasts plush red velvet seats and the classic, long red curtains reveal the screen before the movie begins. See what’s on here. Find it at 107 Kingsland High Street, E8 2PB. 

ABQ Saint Pizzeria - a hidden gem of a restaurant, full of little quirks, with vegan pizzeria's or create your own cocktails whilst seated in a 'breaking bad' van or chill out in the restaurant with friends; we visited for one of our secret events in fashion week. Check out our social channels for further details or see the pictures below. 18 Bohemia Pl, London E8 1DU

Fernada Dassoler  in our Robyn Dress

Andreza Fisher in our Kiera Top & Jenna trouser at ABQ Vegan Pizzeria

Tina we salute you, a  coffee shop, with a large table right in the centre of its room with walls covered in art and most definitely the best restaurant name 47 King Henry’s Walk, London, N1 4NH 

Fair trade coffee and great selection of homemade cakes, a busy spot at weekends, with locals crowded around the big communal table and or sit on its window seats. (if you can find a spot)

Vortex Jazz Club and Servant Jazz Quarters are the two best places in the area
The former - has a  host of wide-reaching gig. The latter - is a similar venue, with a great bar upstairs and often with artists who, in a year or so’s time, will be some of the most talked about names on the scene.

The Arcola Theatre is the place to go for an intriguingly mix of productions, produced by emerging playwrights from the local area as well far more established names. showcasing new plays in an intimate the main auditorium the experience is fantastic.

If you are looking for an art fix The Invisible Line Gallery, is good to see the best work by local artists. Its exhibitions are varied in taste and there is always something different 


Sincerely Madia & Matilda 

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Culture - Things to do this Winter

If you are still on holiday from uni, here are a couple of other ways to spend your winter holiday period, after all it is Dry January. 

If you are stuck for things to do, why not visit a Museum gain some insight on cultural aspects of life. Or for those seeking a little more of a thrill, ball pit bars, (yes that's right, there is such a thing), visit your local market or for movie night why not watch Passenger, more details below.

Museum Trips - Saatchi or V&A is just a few of our favourites that springs to mind. Check out whats on here.The Saatchi Gallery, is based in Chelsea, where we shall be holding our next event. The home of curated art, fashion and a little bit of culture.

The V&A, a hub of revolutionary art, design and fashion, a space to think, view the like of so many visionary's, throughout the history of art. For us it is one for the bucket list!

Ball Pit Bars - Where childhood meets adulthood, who said we have to grow up gracefully. Ballie Ballerson in Dalston. A ball pit filled with over 200,000 balls, inflatables and foam toys, for a bit of light hearted fun and frolics. Funk soul and bass for some adult play. If that does not sweeten the deal, the bar has range of throwback cocktails, (mocktails for those of you who are on a health kick) based on sweets such as Wham bars, pink shrimp and Dip Dabs. The food offering is also (obviously) ball-shaped. Find out more here

Photography Credit - Stacey Hatfield

Market - One of our favourites to visit, Bath Artisan Market filled with artisan hand crafted treats, open every second Sunday of the month. Renown for its fresh goods, independent artists and where we first started out. Perfect for Sunday morning strolls, if you are an early bird.

Photography Credit -  Bath Artisan Market

Films to watch this winter - Passenger, check out our review below

We at Madia & Matilda love a sci-fi,action thriller, rom com; once we saw the trailer we eagerly awaited the release of this film Passenger and were not disappointed.

The film from The Imitation Game director Morten Tyldum. Staring Chris Pratt  & Jennifer Lawrence.  
Chris Pratt as Jim and Jennifer Lawrence as Aurora, find themselves alone on a passenger spaceship, after waking up from cryostasis earlier than intended from being ejected from their sleeping pods.

In a time of uncertainty the pair turn to each other for comfort and much needed help, it soon becomes quite clear that going back to sleep, is not an option. Instead, the pair face a lifetime aboard the ship, with just each other for company.

Definitely a must see movie for this winter, released in cinemas on December 21st 2016

Passenger Release date December 21, 2016 click here to see trailer

  Sincerely Madia & Matilda