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Monday, 1 April 2019

Places: Cotswold's, Bristol, London & Scotland - Easter Trips

Places to Go, Eggs to Find..

Take advantage of the longer spring days and better weather, by camping, glamping or holiday cottages. Why not take an extra special Easter trip here are some of our suggestions below
Zen - Frill Top

Collect activity sheets from The Bristol Cheesemonger and hunt for brightly-coloured eggs in the windows of Wapping Wharf's eclectic mix of independent businesses. Crack the code to spell out an Easter-themed sentence and a reward awaits for your hard work! 

Or why not visit Noah's Ark there's plenty going on that the whole family, will love and they certainly won’t be disappointed; plus parking at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm is completely free of charge.

Clover - Chiffon Top

There's plenty of fun to be had in London from Good Friday to Easter Monday (Friday April 19 – Monday April 22 2019). Whether you're treating yourself to a Eggs Benedict or simply taking in the city in bloom
socializing, visiting botanical gardens or finding the best places to eat; we’ve tracked down the some of the very best things do over your Easter weekend in London. 

Gastropub Bobin, Clapham. Does a cracking roast dinner, or Coal Shed, London Bridge, but on Sunday the whole family can pile in for a ‘sharing roast’ in traditional style

Peckham is blessed these days when it comes to decent food, and we have a particularly soft spot for this lovely-looking eatery attached to the Assembly Point Gallery – a cool hangout that regularly has bands plays to packed houses. 

Have fun and learn about wildlife at the same time. At Blair Drummond Safari Park, there’s a Giant Egg Hunt over Easter weekend where dozens of eggs will be hidden around the park for you and the family to find.

Shetland Craft Trail. Pick up a leaflet from a VisitScotland Information Centre and visit the crafty workshops and studios of everyone from carpenters to painters.

Sincerely Madia & Matilda

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

8 Things I Hate About... Packing Badly For My Summer Holidays

8 Things You Need to Pack This Summer

Image result for beach

Let's get real here my friends. Everybody, I repeat everybody, is familiar with that feeling you get when you're abroad, or even just 10 miles from home, and you realise you forgot something very important indeed. Now for some that's your favourite undies (or, shock-horror, any undies); it could be the framed pic of your cats, or your phone charger. We consulted with the M&M team to compile a list of 10 things you should never leave behind...

Liv wears our Gwen jumpsuit... In Cuba!

1   Mains adapter, 'cos like, duh, if you forget that you're not going to be impressed with yourself. Alternatively, leave it behind and let your phone die. Then just lie back and relish the feeling of being unreachable, just for a little while.

2   Shampoo, conditioner and soap bars. Stay squeaky clean and smelling great with these no-plastic travel toiletries and not for getting a handy perfume travel set.

3   Sunblock. Forgetting this baby is no joke, especially if you're a pale specimen.

Coffee in Cuba!
4   Antibacterial wipes or a good face cloth, because you never know when you'll run into an ill-maintained toilet. Also good for wiping yourself after you spill ice cream down your top. 

 Small padlock in case you need to put something in a locker at your accommodation

6   Microfibre travel towel. Dries quickly and packs away small, too!

Lovely Liv is wearing our Mel dress in peach
7   A Kindle or similar, for quiet moments while travelling, or for those lazy beach afternoons.

8   Some sassy, versatile outfits for sunset dinners, city wanderings and veranda gatherings. How about checking out the SS18 collection on our website? One of our curated brands, BBoheme, also make the most gorgeous, sunny sandals

If we've forgotten anything, drop us a message and let us know. Happy holidays!

Sincerely Madia & Matilda