Sunday, 20 July 2014

How to guide to Upcycling Denim Shorts

How to guide to Upcycling Denim Shorts

You will Need:


1. Cut your denim shorts/jeans to desired length

2. taking the shape of the pocket, cut this from a chosen pattern fabric

3. pin patterned fabric, into shorts and sew into place

Sincerely Madia & Matilda

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Inspiration for a New Season - Fabric Florals

Inspiration for a New Season

Each season when we design for each collection, we tend to collect information from our everyday lives, ie. newspapers, objects, websites, colours.

I truley believe that inspiration is everywhere, so when I cam across this blog article on fabric flowers, this helped to inform our new designs for SS15.

Follow the step by step tutorial for your perfect fabric flowers.

Picture source:

SS15 coming soon, watch this space for more details

Sincerely Madia & Matilda

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Creating an Effortless Upcycled Crop Blouse

Inspired by This Old Thing, with Dawn O'Porter upcyling is highlighted, as a way to breath new life into unwanted and unworn clothing or textiles. We loved it so much that we thought we would share with you, our hints & tips to D.I.Y upcycling. Stay tuned for weekly upcycling posts  - Cropped Blouses. 
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Creating an Effortless Upcycled Crop Blouse

You will need:
Fabric Strip x2
Tailors Chalk
Sewing Machine

How to upcycle a blouse into an effortless box crop top.

1. Firstly measure the top to the length you would like, including 1 cm hem. Lay the top flat on a clear surface ready to cut.

2. Using tailors chalk or pins to direct where you cut. Cut along the line you drew, with a good pair of scissors. 

3. Hem bottom edge with your sewing machine, with a seam allowance of 1cm.

3. Next fold the shirt in half, matching up both sleeves with a pin.

4. Doing the same as Step 2, only for the sleeves.

5. As for the edge of the sleeve, measure the length of the sleeve and times that by 2, as you will need two of these for each sleeve. Make each fabric strip a 5cm wide.

6. Fold strips in half and place to sleeve edge with 1cm seam allowance, straight stitch with your machine.

Where with high waisted jeans or a fitted skirt; to find out more of my upcycled pieces see here or for crop top styling tips, click here for summer styling. 

Sincerely Madia & Matilda

Monday, 23 June 2014

Sustainable Co-Ordinates

Double up with the best two pieces, uniquely individual, yet party worthy crop tops & skirts or crop top & shorts. 

As seen on Amelia Orgill, a Brand New Up & Coming Artist. 

Get your Co-Ordinated looks from Madia & Matilda 

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Gingham Trend Check
Gingham Trend Check

Winter has finally gone and with the clouds clearing up, a key spring/summer trend has emerged. Gingham, we at Madia & Matilda have it covered, wear it as an all in one or style up this trend. Gingham is a trend that just keeps coming back, which has been around for centuries, yet in this elegant look it can also be very playful. After seeing this look at New York Fashion Week, it is definitely a great transitional look into Spring.

Sincerely Madia & Matilda

Derek Lam – Spring Summer 14 - Trends to Try Right Now - Gingham Trend
Shop this Look on Madia & Matilda Today - Spring Summer 14 - NEW IN

Monday, 28 April 2014

Bath a City Loved By Madia & Matilda

Bath a City Loved


Madia & Matilda

The Beautiful city of Bath is where you will find us whether it be shopping at Colonge & Cotton or Eating out at Made by Ben, a quaint little hidden gem of a cafe, tuck away on Walcot St.
With so much do see and do in Bath, we have made a list of our favourite places to visit:

Guild hall
Situated near the river bank of Pulteney Bridge, the Guild Hall and Roman Baths are the main attraction for visitors around the world, with function rooms and the market.  The Guild hall is a real part of the heritage in Bath. To find out more visits:

Roman Bath Kitchen
A fantastic restaurant to sit, eat and let the music; in the street take your cares away. When Madia & Matilda visited the Roman Bath Kitchens, we sat outside for lunch, on what felt like a lovely summers day listening to new artists sing, and watching tourists walk by, enthralled by the atmosphere.

Fudge Kitchen
Sweet treat, in an assortment of Luxury fudge flavours. Made with fresh whipped cream; created in small batches. Definitely a great gift, if you are visiting Bath. You can even watch as they make the fudge. Location - Near the Roman Bath Kitchens in the Abbey Churchyard.

Scarlet Vintage
Tucked away on the cobbled streets of Bath is a quirky little vintage shop, with a great selection of Vintage pieces. Scarlet Vintage is located on Queen Street, near Milsom St.

Madia & Matilda love Bora for its casual, effortless style, feminine prints and ‘love me for the rest of your life’ ethics. Bora has captured our hearts, with most lavishing tweeds and cashmere. Once wrapped up in one of their pieces, it is instantiates love for the label.  Produced in Scottish mills; with an ethical and sustainable outlook, the Bora store in Bath is worth a visit.

Concept store, full of carefully selected independent Designers, contemporary objects, Luxury accessories and jewellery; home and office goodies. Found is favourite of Madia & Matilda’s for the originality of the store and it selection of products.  Located in Argyle St, Found is a must see visit whilst in Bath.

Amongst our favourite haunts, you'll find Madia & Matilda at Bath Artisan Market a real hub for creative and artisan people. Based at Green Park Station in Bath every fourth Sunday of the Month.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Spotlight on Stroud Town


Spotlight on Stroud Town

Home to Madia & Matilda HQ, Stroud town is a Beautiful market town, centred in the middle of five valleys. Madia & Matilda decided it was time to shine a light on favourite haunts and shops to visit.

Duffle Vintage outfitters
Offering menswear, womenswear and soft vintage furnishings. Duffle Vintage outfitters, is a part of Stroud’s vintage lovers community.

Withey’s yard and Mills Cafe
Withey’s Yard, hidden haunts with a small collection of shops and organic food cafe’s, like Mills Cafe serving delicious treats, or Yards Ahead for the avid sewer, stocks fabrics patterns and Curtains supplies.

Walkers Bakery
As one of Stroud’s longest standing Bakeries, established 53 years ago. Walkers, captures the historical spirit of Stroud town with fresh Bread, buns and sandwiches, the choice is vast and it’s no wonder people keep coming back.

Stroud Subscription Rooms
Stroud Subscription Rooms is a perfect outing destination, with the tourist information and regular events, classes being held at the Subscription Rooms. 
Kendrick St Gallery
For the crafty, a fantastic art supply shop, with everything from acrylic paints to canvases and oil paint. You'll never be in short supply.
Sincerely Madia & Matilda

Thursday, 9 January 2014

“half-arsed ethics" Sustainable Fashion

“half-arsed ethics" Sustainable Fashion

Susanna Lau ‘Susie Bubble’ Style Bubble article on “half-arsed ethics" has stirred up feelings of why I started this label, Madia & Matilda. For so long practices within the industry, have been environmentally-unfriendly, unsavoury practices that simple do not look at the little person; primarily for monetary reasons.
Prompting me to design upcycled and sustainable clothing from unloved garments and left over remnants, using up things that people have disregarded as not beautiful or useful; due to a lack to knowledge or regard to the severity of consumption. I wished to conquer this by upcycling and making the garments in house; leading to a less wasteful world.
Having previously, worked for the high street retailers; suppliers and design houses. I felt like not enough was being done to stop our wasteful society, I wanted to branch out and design ethical fashion, which I knew where the chain started. I ran with the assumption that if one change could have a knock on effect, to how we view sustainability and ethics, perhaps there would be more change. Buying sustainable or vintage does not have to be buying worn hand me downs. If carefully selected and creatively made it can be something beautiful, precious; a unique piece to cherish and keep forever, making the longevity of a garment live on.
Finally someone in the industry has seen what the effects of labour practices in fashion production is doing, Change is coming and its coming now. Eco fashion has had a stigma for so long, however I completely agree with Susie view, ‘it’s the fashion houses that should be offering an eco collections. Not the eco-clothing offering fashion.’
To stop the problem, it has to be stopped at the source, though knowing where your clothes are made. However, that does not mean to stop shopping at high street shop all together, just to make better choices within the industry and from ethical retailers. Making better choices will lead to a more sustainable industry.
Through this ideology thus Madia & Matilda was born.
Sincerely Madia & Matilda

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Makeup Inspiration

Makeup Inspiration

Coming in a new season, means developing new looks for Madia & Matilda’s new collection and as we transition from Autumn Winter 13 into Spring Summer 14. Berry stains are being favoured over nude matte lips for a more dramatic demure effect to complement, this festive season’s party Spirit. As for the base, a Flawless doll like look with a light dusting of rouge on the cheeks, with a luxe natural foundation combined with lightly applied Mascara finished off this look well.

Smokey Glittery eyes for a stronger party look; Samantha Davis Make Up has perfected this effect in our Autumn Winter 13 Collection shown here in our inspiration. Experimenting with highlighting your features through a little Glitter and deep reds lipstick could make or the all the different in a new you for the new year.

Red Look - Scarlett Johansson - inspiration pintrest
Glitter Smookey eyes – Thakoon AW13
Nude Lips - Cara Delevingne
Doll Look – Louis Vuiton Paris S/S 2012

Sincerely Madia & Matilda

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Desirable Lace Trend


Desirable Lace Trend

Lace is in its element for Autumn/Winter 13

Perfect for the minimalist day look. A trend to be desired for the daring and cautious as such a staple item for the wardrobe; lace looks like it is here to stay, moving into Spring Summer we are certainly feeling inspired.

Sincerely Madia & Matilda

Friday, 29 November 2013



Madia & Matilda’s Guide to Christmas Markets & Festive Events

If you are thinking of taking a trip to some Christmas Markets, take a look at someof the local events,within the Cotswold which Madia & Madia recommend.

With live Christmas music, edible goodies & selection of seasonal gifts, Bath Artisan Market creative talent, has an emphasis on all that is local, ethical, a real value on crafts made in Britain; definitely worth a trip to Bath. - Sundays December 8th and December 15th

Cheltenham Fashion Week delightful fashion event, takes place at Cowely Manor, from December 2nd - December 7th.. Definitely, an event to wear your best party season dress in the heart of the Cotswolds.

Spiced mulled wine and gingerbread being the pinnacle of what most expect from a Christmas Market, Madia & Matilda will have some Christmas treats at Stroud, Goodwill Evening on Fri 6th Dec. If you have liked what you have seen online, pop along and browse our Vintage Upcycled clothing.
Each occasion all looks like fantastic events to attend this Christmas, something we are all look forward too.

Photography by The Lemon House Photography - Paul Athey

Sincerely Madia & Matilda

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Gift Guide

Gift Guide

The idea of trawling the blistering winter streets, is not for you take a look at Madia & Matilda’s ultimate guide to Christmas shopping

Here at Madia & Matilda we are getting in the festive spirit, creating Christmas decorations and crushed red velvet party dresses or golden skater dresses, such as the Hannah Dress in the image above. If dresses are not your idea of a party outfit, shimmering gold embellished cropped blouses, suit the current pencil skirt trend or the tapperd leg trouser. Take a look at Madia & Matilda gift selection for this Christmas.

Each week till chrismas we'll be posting new selections, for your perfect party outfit.

Sincerely Madia & Matilda