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Monday, 25 May 2020

A Guide To Decluttering Your Wardrobe

As, this week we have been discussing ways to clear out your wardrobe on our Live stories here are a few tips to organising a timeless wardrobe 

If you have reached the point where you can not get in or out of your wardrobe.. Its time.. We always thought you can never have too many clothes or shoes 

Tip one make sure all styles are folded the same way, separate by category, check all hangers fit the same or are replaced if broken.


 Deciding which items to keep can be tough, if you are struggling to find away, why not invite a family member to help or after lock down invite a style service, like our own, which currently we are able to offer advice online via voom 

Madia Matilda, wardrobe revamp online service

Ways to tackle decluttering

Start with the Four-Box Method. Where you use four boxes and label them: Alter, trash, give away, keep. (Sidebar; as well as your wardrobe, this can be done for any room in your home.) Place each item into one of the boxes - be brutal if necessary. Don’t skip a single item, no matter how insignificant you may think it is. This may take days, weeks, or months, but it will help you see how many items you really own and you’ll know exactly what to do with each item. 

If you’re new to decluttering, and you want to do more than just your wardrobe you can slowly ease yourself into it by tackling one room at a time. Storage boxes, are also useful when organising. Label or plan each box, folding bags, vacuum bags, jewellery stand, more hangers or suitcase to name a few. 

Another useful tip, but will only happen over time if you want to declutter in a less harsh manner, if you are unsure of what to get rid of. Donate clothes you never wear. To identify them, simply hang all your clothes with hangers in the reverse direction. After wearing an item, face the hanger in the correct direction. Discard the clothes you never touched after a few months.

Create a decluttering checklist. It’s a lot easier to declutter when you can visualise how it will look or where you need to get started. 

Ask yourself tough questions, like: 

Have you worn it in the last year? 

Does it have a special meaning/ Sentimental value?

Does it fit?

Is it in good condition?

Does it need fixing or will you take to be altered?

Does it make you feel good?

Does it go with other things in your wardrobe?

Is it annoying or uncomfortable to wear?

Sometimes the best styles, get worn out, tired and you feel its time to put those loved items firmly behind us, in this case getting rid and making space for new items is okay. There are lots of sustainable ways to let go of old items without letting them go to landfill. 

For instance Depop and Loved clothes last are great initiatives 

Is a marketplace for unwanted clothes that perhaps no longer fit or are not to your taste any longer. Rehoming an item of clothing is better than it going to landfill, it provides that garment with a longer lifespan for someone else to enjoy and helps the planet. 

Check out our depop here for discounted items as we use depop as an outlet for unsold stock instead of sending to landfill

With a similar ethos to us; love your clothes is a great resource, perfect for finding out care tips or sourcing recycling centers or even to sell your own clothes on their site 

For clothing items you just can not go without, find a local tailor or send in to us (after lockdown), as we understand how much a loved top or skirt, can bring so much joy and memories; so why not fix or amend any that are in need of some tlc. 

Check out our alterations price list here

Another way, is to hold swap parties or swishing; a fun way to get rid of unwanted items in your wardrobe. Once lockdown is over and government guidelines specify, invite friends over with their unwanted clothing and see what you can swap, make sure all clothing is laundered and you may find some great finds and come away with new things for your wardrobe that won't cost you a thing.

Sincerely Madia & Matilda

Sunday, 10 June 2018

Festival Styling

Looking Your Festy Best

When festival season rolls around, you're going to want to start building a pretty fab collection of clothes to stomp through the mud with. We're talking dresses with high hems so you don't have to pick them up as you tiptoe through the marshes, and cute tees to team with jeans for when the sun's hiding out. 

Our Kiera dress is a perfect style for layering with a jacket or popping a short-sleeved t-shirt underneath. And you'll fit right into the festy atmosphere with this bright quirky print! 

Nothing says Spring and Summer like our Eve mini skirt. Wear with a cropped top, long vest or jumper for an instant Spring-y lift to your wardrobe! 

Felicity - V-Neck Shift Dress

For a bit of flapper glam, you can't go wrong with this fancy little number. The Felicity dress  is a lightweight and classy addition to any wardrobe. It's versatile too— wear it in winter with an oversized coat for some '20s styling. 

Possibly our most festival-worthy garment ever, our sheer Julia dress is always ready for the rave! Slap on some neon body paint or wide fishnets and you'll be ready to go. 

Wherever you're headed this year, we hope you have a fabulous time! Be sure to check out our guide to packing for your summer vacays right here. Enjoy your summer!

Sincerely Madia & Matilda

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

News - How to Style A Capsule Wardrobe

Join us and find out how to create a capsule collection
of sustainable styles in an evening of new style discoveries
at The Good Place in Chelsea, London, details below