Sunday, 16 July 2017

What to wear at a festival

Whether you are off to Glasto, Hide out or Boardmasters or somewhere further afield…

... We've got a few styles for you to stand out from the crowd; in a sustainable outfit you can wear again and again.

 Our ‘Levannah’and ‘Carly’ dresses are easily our favourite festival go-to.

With such a versatile style, the ‘Julia’ dress is easy to pack, just add your favourite accessories and of course glitter! Tip: The‘Lena’ skirt looks super with it too for increased variety; why not rock the perfect sheer vs. matt ensemble?

 In the mood for music? Check out our Summer Playlist here on Spotify. 

DIY Flower garland
You will need:
·         Scissors/a knife
·         Horticultural wire
·         Tape (preferably green washi or masking tape)
·         Dried flowers or artificial flowers

Step one
Bend the horticultural wire in a loop about 2cm larger than comfortably sits on your head to create the main structure

Step two
Arrange flowers without tape to ascertain how the final product will look. If there’s a variety in the flowers then ensure they’re evenly distributed (or not if asymmetry is your desired effect.
Step three
Begin to tape the flower stems covering each with the next flower. Where you finish will be the back of the garland.

Step 4
Add ribbons or other trimmings for more festival fun!

Aiming to crowd surf or sit on shoulders?Our ‘Jain’ playsuit offers a cool alternative to dresses, for the more adventurous side of fashion.

DON’T FORGET: Sunscreen is the best accessory with any outfit in the sun!

  Sincerely Madia & Matilda

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