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Sunday, 16 July 2017

What to wear at a festival

Whether you are off to Glasto, Hide out or Boardmasters or somewhere further afield…

... We've got a few styles for you to stand out from the crowd; in a sustainable outfit you can wear again and again.

 Our ‘Levannah’and ‘Carly’ dresses are easily our favourite festival go-to.

With such a versatile style, the ‘Julia’ dress is easy to pack, just add your favourite accessories and of course glitter! Tip: The‘Lena’ skirt looks super with it too for increased variety; why not rock the perfect sheer vs. matt ensemble?

 In the mood for music? Check out our Summer Playlist here on Spotify. 

DIY Flower garland
You will need:
·         Scissors/a knife
·         Horticultural wire
·         Tape (preferably green washi or masking tape)
·         Dried flowers or artificial flowers

Step one
Bend the horticultural wire in a loop about 2cm larger than comfortably sits on your head to create the main structure

Step two
Arrange flowers without tape to ascertain how the final product will look. If there’s a variety in the flowers then ensure they’re evenly distributed (or not if asymmetry is your desired effect.
Step three
Begin to tape the flower stems covering each with the next flower. Where you finish will be the back of the garland.

Step 4
Add ribbons or other trimmings for more festival fun!

Aiming to crowd surf or sit on shoulders?Our ‘Jain’ playsuit offers a cool alternative to dresses, for the more adventurous side of fashion.

DON’T FORGET: Sunscreen is the best accessory with any outfit in the sun!

  Sincerely Madia & Matilda

Monday, 24 October 2016

News - Women of the Year

We felt inspired by Red magazine’s Women of the Year awards and decided to

write up about the women that inspire us here at Madia & Matilda.

The Female Boss

Bianca Miller is a true M & M babe being a real advocate of Madia & Matilda and fulltime female boss. 

You’ll recognise her from winning The Apprentice and her self-titled hosiery business that is

blooming and you can spot her on our Instagram! She’s recently started

stocking her tights in Topshop, congrats Bianca!

The Fashion Muse

Nina Nesbitt is one of our fashion muses, we love her 90s style and playing her

songs on repeat in the office. We also love her Twitter, she’s always posting

her thoughts and cute outfits.

Corinne Bailey Rae

She’s a woman who has inspired us for years, we love her music and her

personal style. She’s got a quirky elegance about her and we dream of seeing

her in M & M one day!

The Activist

Emma Watson, what a woman. As if she hadn’t already cemented her place in

our hearts through Harry Potter, her role in HeForShe will always mean there is

a place for her in our Women of the Year.

We are always talking about sustainability here at Madia and Matilda is some

way or another, so Dame Vivienne Westwood’s spot in our most loved women

is well secured. Seeing her at the Cheltenham Literature Festival talking about

her Climate Revolution campaign completely reinforced our love for the Queen

of Green and Punk.

The Internet’s Big Sister

Whilst she’s also a top female boss, there is no denying that the for younger

generation Zoella is the internet’s big sister. There is also no denying our inner

fan girl that’s released when we watch her Lush hauls.

Megan Gilbride is another big sister to the internet. Over at Wonderful You she

writes about some of the most important topics a girl can read. Mental health –

check, Smear tests – check, girl power – check she’s got the guts to talk about

it all and we love her for that.

We’d love to hear about your women of the year – be them family members or

celebrities, let us know! tweet @MadiaMatilda 

Sincerely Madia & Matilda

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Culture - Cheltenham Literature Festival - Vivienne Westwood Climate Change


Vivienne Westwood is a woman who was the queen of the Punk generation has now become the Dame of climate revolution. Using her fame to advocate her strong beliefs on sustainability, she was interviewed by Kirsty Wark at the Cheltenham Literature Festival about her new book ‘Get a Life’.
At Madia and Matilda we are all about sustainability so had grab a few seats when we heard about her arrival in Cheltenham. Listening to Vivienne Westwood’s passion on the topic was incredibly refreshing and to hear the words ‘green’ and ‘recycling’ in such a throw away industry motivated us to continue sharing the love for our planet. The main focus of the talk was centred around this map below.     

She stressed that when the world reaches +5 degrees if you were you draw a line under Paris everything below it would be uninhabitable. Most importantly, when it reaches +2 degrees, it is unstoppable and that we must lobby the politicians to push for a greener environment and economy.

Unfortunately, no photography was allowed during the event but here are a few snaps from the Waterstones book tent and around the festival site! 

What We're Reading

A few of our favourite fashion reads 

Loita, Great Gatsby, Me before you

& these titles below

Visting Cheltenham

Some places to check out, in the spa town of Cheltenham and the surrounding areas, 
whether your in town for a spot of shopping or grabbing 
a quick bite in the afternoon

From top to bottom: Cavendish House house of Fraser, Madia & Matilda Independent clothing brand,
 Huffkins Tea rooms

Sincerely Madia & Matilda

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Style - Retro Rewind

Being surrounded by vintage fabrics in the Madia and Matilda hub a retro rewind is inevitable – queue the minis that’ll make any 60s girl proud, and jumpsuits for channelling you’re inner Woodstock flower power

We’ve created Minnie the mini and Simone the tartan wrap for the sassiest of 60s inspired M&M girls. For those channelling their Ms. Jean Brodie, pair Minnie with some mid heel ballerina pumps for the perfect 60s leg baring look. If 90s is more your thing, wear Simone with a velvet choker and space buns for thatSpice Girls girl power. Grab your Doc Martens, leather jacket and Simone skirt (or sister piece the Jessie trousers) for channelling your inner 80s female rebel.

As a modern take on Audrey’s black Breakfast At Tiffany’s dress we’ve created Cordelia. The evening dress with the perfectly elegant high bateau neck and flattering slim cut, pair with a messy beehive for the effortless chic look Audrey would approve of.

Bella the halter neck jumpsuit is a piece we love for its versatility. Wear as a modern day statement piece or, wear a bell sleeved Bardot top for Summer of Love vibes. 

Sincerely Madia & Matilda

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Culture - Cheltenham Food Festival

Madia & Matilda have been anticipating Cheltenham's food festival as one of the perks of living in the Cotswolds, for a long long time. Part of our reason for Madia & Matilda to be going along, apart from eating all the yummy food!  Is to check up on our lovely target market of Cheltenham, seeing what our local customers are interested in, looking for and wearing. to absorb yourself in local events we see this to be very important. To understand our customers and get to know them.

A festival for the submersion of the senses. white tents decked with decadence to sample as you please, floury puffs in the bakery tents dusted with icing sugar and coco powder still peppering the air. while just across the stall oily and thick with an array of cheeses stacked up in pillars, fresh to cut and serve.

                                             Sincerely Madia & Matilda