Monday, 29 January 2018

Shop Unique - Spotlight on Hettie


Hettie is a small business which specialises in making accessories from British wool. It’s based in Warwickshire, remains family-run and uses fabrics woven in the UK. Hettie create timeless, chic accessories, from bags to little bow-ties for dogs. These items are made with love and are perfect for anyone who wants to invest in ethical, British fashion—like us at Madia & Matilda! That’s why they feature on our website as a like-minded fashion brand. It’s a brave move to work mainly with one material, but it also encourages its beauty and versatility to shine. Hettie has perfected this idea to bring us a delightful collection of woolly wonders!

A small range of products enable a manufacturing method which is thoughtful and trustworthy. Allow us to present...

The Hettie bag. Available in a variety of fabrics and colours and made in a beautiful, classic design, this bag will cheerfully see you through your all adventures. It’s a great size for everyday use, not to mention full of easy-to-wear charm!

Hettie’s Ella cross-body bag has your back, from country walks to quick dashes into town (unless, like us, you only went in for milk and came out lugging a loaf of bread, a bottle of wine and a box of Viennese whirls). Like the Hettie bag, this case comes in a variety of lovely hues (so you can coordinate to your heart’s content!)

Hettie’s Pet Collection shows the fun side of the company. The “stylish bow tie,” it says, “will attach to your collar with elastic.” If you’re going to market to dogs, you may as well go the whole dog (see what we did there?). Pet accessories range from little neckerchiefs to gorgeous collars any dog would be proud to wear. Check them out in-store at Madia & Matilda!

The Kate bag is for those of us who, like me, love to be prepared for every eventuality. Hand cream? Sun glasses? Pencil? Socks? Keys? Dog treats? And the great thing about this bag is (quite apart from it looking amazing) that all of the above and more will fit in it very comfortably. We’re sold.

The incredible powers of wool as a material include its sustainable nature, warmth and amazing strength as a fibre. Hettie’s accessories are produced in a way which causes very low negative impact on vulnerable ecosystems (although we can’t promise you’ll be safe from bag envy!), which is why we chose strike up a partnership with them. When you buy a Hettie product through Madia & Matilda, you’re investing in two companies which take sustainability and ethics into serious consideration: in other words, help look after the planet and look damn fine doing it!

Sincerely Madia & Matilda

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