Saturday, 27 March 2021

Apps For A More Sustainable You


We at Madia & Matilda always try to inspire our customers to live their lives in a more eco-friendly way. We know that it might be quite difficult to start your sustainability journey - from figuring out how to reduce your food waste and using less plastic to recycling your clothes. To make it easier on you we have put together this list of applications that will definitely help you out towards becoming a friend to the environment!

Think Dirty
An app that gives you information on what goes into your favourite makeup. You will be able to ditch all products that use toxic chemicals and find cleaner replacements just by scanning the items.

Over the last year Depop has become an incredibly popular platform for people all around the world selling and trading their old clothes, accessories and jewellery. It's a sustainable version of online shopping as you get to browse clothes but instead of buying into fast fashion you get to give new life to pre-loved items!

A way to get rid of the massive amounts of paper junk mail being sent to your house. By taking a picture of all of the papers you do not want to receive the app quickly lets you unsubscribe from the company's mailing list.

An amazing app that makes sure your food does not go to waste whilst simultaneously helping out your local community. Just take a picture of your food products (or any miscellaneous items) and share it with the people in your neighborhood also using the Olio app. They will get a notification and be able to arrange a pick-up time. The app is even still operating during the coronavirus pandemic (with new safety guidelines) which can be of great help to the vulnerable people in your area.

Made to aid people in reducing their plastic usage. Just buy a reusable water bottle, turn on the Tap app and find a water refill station on the go. It will show you a station's location and details on its water options from chilled and filtered to sparkling or flavoured.

For people living in the UK, this app is made to get insight into whether your store-bought products are sustainable. With its scanner you can find out if the product is packaged with recycled materials, whether it is responsibly sourced and so on. But what if it isn't? Then don't worry - Giki will offer you alternative options.

Hope this helped!

Sincerely Madia & Matilda 


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