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How consumers can become zero waste

Becoming a zero waste consumer is essential, and you're definitely making a huge positive impact on the environment and the world. So don't worry, every single individual makes a huge difference. Keep going; it really is working! The zero waste generation is a big deal, and it is encouraging communities to get on board. 

The world is beginning to embrace sustainability and jump on the zero waste movement. Remarkebly after David Attenborough's Blue Planet II in 2017, a follow up on the 2001 documentary. Attenborough tells the compelling stories of the world's deepwater inhabitants, creating an irreversible relationship between the earth and mankind. Other inspirational television such as the movie 
A Plastic Ocean in 2016, where Craig Leeson reveals the terrifying impact of pollution and the vast amount of plastic materials dumped on the earth's soil. 

More and more sustainable products are beginning to take the market, with more entrepreneurs siding with zero waste and companies discovering how easy it is to contribute. We love that at Madia & Matilda, we can rent clothing; this is a great way to produce less waste and a cheaper alternative to buying clothes you will only wear for a specific occasion or event!

So how can you be a zero waste consumer? 

It's pretty easy and very possible. Here, let us help you get started if you haven't already! At Madia & Matilda we pride ourselves on our sustainable ethics, as a little goes a long way. 

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First of all, have a clear mindset. Sometimes we simply cannot be bothered to do the little things, such as recycling or being mindful of waste. That's understandable; we are only human. However, we can change this mindset by embedding zero waste routines into our daily lives just like any other activity, that way it does not become an 'extra' task; it just becomes normality. If you make it normal, it encourages others around you to do the same. Make zero waste lifestyles something that should be a reality and a necessity. 

Take a look and do some research if possible, to inform yourself more on the zero waste movement; look at TerraCycle for inspiration. 

Another great idea is to buy your shopping in bulk, or buy from local produces that do not use over excessive packaging like the supermarkets. However, fingers crossed that supermarkets will be eliminating plastic soon to come, and we have high hopes for this change. For example, Iceland has vowed to eliminate plastic packaging on its own products by the latest 2023. With these encouraging statistics, other supermarkets have jumped on board such as Morrisons, they are in the middle of trialing plastic bags into paper bags and hopes by 2025 to have mastered this task.  

Electric cars are also becoming very popular, and they emit fewer greenhouse gases than petrol cars being run by electricity. Many companies are hoping to switch to electric within the next decade, such as Ford. So, maybe consider switching from petrol to electric, or even hybrid for the current moment. Reducing your amount of petrol stops air pollution from increasing. 

Another great tip is always carrying bags in your car, in case you go shopping last minute and need a bag! I know it is easy to forget, this way if you have them already there, what is really stopping us. If you are clothes shopping, take a look in your wardrobe and see if you really need everything or you can pass it on or recycle. More garments are bought than ever in 2020 and 2021, with a statistic of 57% of these materials going to landfill, and 35% of materials in the supply chain also being put to waste. Make sure you read up on where you are shopping and shop for sustainable brands like us!
Madia & Matilda. 

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It is important to become part of the zero waste movement, simply because we are the change!

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Sincerely Madia & Matilda

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