Sunday, 7 March 2021

International Woman's day

International Woman's day is a significant and focal celebratory day that encourages and promotes the movement for women's rights. It is an international day, therefore, everyone around the world can get involved. It aims to erase discrimination and misogyny against women, helping gain equal partipication in global development, such as work pay. It brings attention to policymakers for gender equality and gender parity.

The first International Women's day took place on the 19th March in 1911, as it commemorated the day the Prussian King introduced votes for women in 1848, a huge success for countries such as Germany and Switzerland. Founded by women, the date was then moved to the 8th March in 1913 as it convened with the first conference on women in Mexico City in 1913.

The International Women's Day logo is famously purple and white, and features the symbol of Venus. The ancient Italian goddess, Venus, is associated with love and femininity. Hence the book, Men Are from Mars and Women Are from Venus, written by John Gray.

Here at Madia & Matilda we will be raising a glass for inspirational women across the globe, spread love to your neighbours, family, friends this March. Recognise the fight that women have bravely been choosing for so many years, giving us the right to vote, for equality, for the opportunity that we once did not have. We stand together as the incredible women we all are!

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