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Thursday, 1 November 2018

Shop Unique - Brands Feature - GraphyX

Graphyx - Brand Feature

1. Can you tell us a little more about the brand?

GraphyX Design Forum is on a mission to get art into the forefront of everybody’s everyday living. Art, like poetry, music or theatre... aren’t necessary for survival. But it’s what connects us all to each other as the human tribe. We are connected through the expression and appreciation of the arts. Without that connection - why both surviving at all? 

And the world is our canvas! We think art should be affordable. In liberating a piece of art from its frame in a gallery, and placing it on everyday useful items such as bags and t-shirts, it becomes accessible for consumers to own, and artists to produce.

We also think art should be sustainable. There’s little point in anything without a planet to live on... so all of our tshirts are 100% organic cotton, fair trade and manufactured using only wind and solar energy. 

We use vegetable oil based inks, rather than mineral oil based ones on our fabric and paper prints. 

We also use recycled paper for our paper products. We use only biodegradable packaging such as recycled paper and bio-plastics (where we have to). 

2.How do you make your products?

Our original illustrations are designed by our co-founder Raphy Mendoza. We are also in the process of taking on guest artists - our vision is that GraphyX becomes a real platform for independent artists to be able to show and sell their work. 

The designs are usually first made on paper, and later digitised for screen printing - that’s what gives it a clean yet hand-drawn style! 

Then we outsource the printing to a local printer based in Frome, and they’re printed on recycled paper or EarthPostive garments. 

3.What inspires you?

Anything and everything. ‘Oranges and Limes’ was inspired by a nightmare, in which I was colour blind and everything was in sepia. I had to make mojitos for 1,000 people, but I couldn’t tell the difference between oranges and limes because I couldn’t see colour.

4.Where do you make the product and what does sustainability or making a quality British product mean to you?

See above. 

I didn’t actually set out to explicitly set up an ethical business. As an artist, I just wanted to get my work out there. But as soon as I started thinking about materials, it just didn’t make sense not to make everything as sustainable as possible. The process really woke me up to the responsibility I have not just as a consumer, but as a designer. 

As a designer, I get to choose how my things are made, and I have to think about where they end up. At that point, it was no longer a choice to be sustainable. It’s just human decency. 

Sharks Tote Bag

6. Favourite place to relax?

Beach! Plus beer. 

7. In the future what do you plan to make next?

We have a few designs in the pipeline incorporating some quotes from poets and people we like, that really resonates with our ethos and mission. 

And some new design by new guest artists! 

Cut Sheep T-Shirt

8. What do you think about sustainability and how does it impact your business?

See above. It makes production a little bit more expensive, and it takes a bit of personal investment to look for a supplier who really satisfies your criteria. But it’s what it is :). 

9. What do you like about collaborating with Madia & Matilda?

I really enjoy seeing what gets paired up with our products! And just knowing that there’s a big movement out there towards a more conscious and responsible way of doing business, and that were a part of it! 

Sincerely Madia & Matilda