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Sunday, 13 August 2017

Shop Unique - Brands Feature - Lily Flo Jewellery

Madia & Matilda curated selection of brands, SHop UNique features our independent designers and brand who share our passion and ethos for ethical fashion, jewellery and products. We interviewed Diana Sherling founder & designer of Lily Flo Jewellery 

1. Can you tell us a little more about the brand?

I grew up in a family who loved art and travel, but it was the art of the Ancient worlds of Greece and Rome that really captured my heart and soul all through school and university culminating in lecturing at the British Museum. Much of my aesthetic is inspired by the art of the ancient world. However, it was my career in luxury advertising as a global strategist for some of the worlds largest advertising agencies that helped shape my sense of style and fashion. I believe in the power of great style, in contemporary twists on timeless style, and how jewellery is essential to finish a modern and elegant wardrobe. I started Lily Flo Jewellery in 2015, frustrated that I couldn’t find the jewellery I desired, ignited my passion for designing and making, learning traditional jewellery skills with a modern take

2.How do you make your jewellery?

Passionate as much about design as much as craft, I learnt metal smithing and gemstone setting at the University of Arts London, but I designs from the heart and everything is made in my studio in London. I love to experiment, curious about creating new shapes and designs through my love of mixing traditional techniques with the innovation of creating new shapes. I have always had a passion for colour, and often select the colour palette first before choosing the gemstones. When I do, I am particularly drawn to the symbolic and empowering nature of gemstones, often playing with the contrasts of rough and finessed, precious and industrial. All the jewellery is made in our studio in London. We believes in authenticity and honesty throughout the supply chain, materials and working practices and be ensuring that everything is made under her meticulous eye.

3.What is the jewellery made from? Components?

Why did you choose this material? Our fine jewellery uses Eco Gold and Silver sourced from the best in Hatton Garden, the Diamond Jewellery centre of London. Eco Gold and Silver is high quality recycled gold and silver without human or environmental impact. Its the most green you can get. We source our gemstones and diamonds directly from India, where every stone is cut and faceted by hand from rough, using contemporary cuts. They are sourced from small businesses who we have personal, long term and trusting relationships with us to not only does ensure quality, but we feel passionately about businesses helping each other. Whilst gemstones are responsibly sourced and our diamonds are sourced through suppliers that adhere to the Kimberley Process and the World Diamond Council's System of Warranties, preventing the distribution of conflict diamonds both in rough, cut and polished stones.

4.What inspires you?

I often visit galleries and museums in London and around the world. I love ancient and modern art milling through the British Museum or the V&A, fine portraiture of Klimt and Rembrandt as well as weird sculptures at the Serpentine and lighting installations. I love colour, texture and form, but art that is imbedded in culture and has something to say. I read a lot of biographies and autobiograhies of artists and designers, fascinated as much about Georgia O’Keefe as Tracey Emin, Diane von Furstenberg and Coco Chanel. I am currently reading Vidal Sassoons Biography which is fascinating.

5.Where do you make the product and what does sustainability or making a quality British product mean to you?

Everything is made in our studio in London. I design everything and make everything as far as possible using traditional silver and goldsmithing techniques. Sustainable and responsible production is at the very heart of the brand and the ethos of why I made the brand into what it is today. I see many other British jewellery brands either outsource the manufacture abroad often to China and Thailand where large factories make the pieces at the lowest price, faceless workers, unsure conditions, all for the lowest possible retail price. It just didn’t feel ethical, honest, right for me. I wanted to create a brand that is ethical, credible, pure, loved for the designs as much as the people who make them. Passionate about more than just the product, but people and the environment. A brand that can live and evolve and I felt the only way to do this was to be true and have a long term view of every part of the design and creation process. For me that means made in London. It means using ethical and responsible materials, metals and gemstones as far as I possibly can. Our metals come from Hatton Garden to ensure quality. It means reusing and limiting the waste of the actual making and supporting small businesses through packaging, retouching everything. I am a born and bred Londoner. I have lived and worked in London my whole life. I love London and never tire of it. So being a British Designer is very important to me and I aspire to represent British as a top British Jeweller one day.

6.Where you would you wear your jewellery?

I specifically design jewellery that can be ageless, timeless, occasion-less. It is designed to wear all the time to feel strong...personal symbols of independence and freedom. ‘I bought this for myself, I wear it because I earned it, it makes me happy..’

7.Favourite place to relax?

I love being by the water… ideally the sea, on a boat swimming.. I’m a massive gym bunny and love jogging in Hampstead Heath..

8. In the future what styles do you plan to make next?

I’m working on extending my fine jewellery collections, for the International Jewellery Show in London in September 2017. Named Stardust it will feature droplets of multi coloured Sapphires, Tourmalines and Diamonds in delicate and dainty shapes, like waterfall chandelier earrings, multi-layered necklaces and bracelets, soft to wear, falling on the contours of the body, smooth and delicate.

9. What do you think about sustainability and how does it impact your business?

I have built my business around being sustainable and responsible. It’s very much a conscious decision to build it to be ethical from the ground up. It’s easier to do it this way than have a business and then change as much as possible to be ethical and responsible. It’s part of everything who we are and what we do. We are all about being good, honest and responsible from the products we make, the partners we choose to sell with, our suppliers and our customers. We believe that there is a massive trend in consumer’s behaviour to be better educated and more knowledgeable about who, what and how products are made. So although they are little treats and beautiful pieces that uplift and simply make women happy, it is genuinely a vital part that they can feel reassured and comfortable that they were made honourably too.

10. What do you like about collaborating with Madia & Matilda?

There aren’t many retailers that genuinely put sustainability and responsibility at the heart of the business. Without a question, great product comes first. Beautiful fabrics, exceptional cut and shapes, insightful and inspiring colours and fabrics, but heart and soul means a great deal. Shalize created her business with that at the heart, she is a great designer.. Yet she has given herself the added challenge of making her products sustainable. We know there is a great deal of wastage and fast fashion has helped augment the issues of sustainability, but Shalize has quietly and confidently addressed them from within and produces on trend, key essential pieces, well priced with a soul.

To shop now, you can find Lily Flo on our Shop Unique selection or under accessories on or in-store in our boutique.

Sincerely Madia & Matilda

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

News - Bristol Pop Up Shop

We have popped up in Bristol Cabot Circus; why not pop in sometime a see the selection.

Pop up Shop  - 8th - 22nd June  2017
10am - 8pm Monday - Saturday's 
11am - 5pm Sunday

26 Brigstowe St, Cabot Circus, Bristol BS1 3BH


Sincerely Madia & Matilda

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

4 Years of M & M - BIRTHDAY

Thanks for shopping! Following and supporting us over the years! Madia & Matilda turned 4 this week and we thought we'd share our appreciation by adding free UK delivery for the rest of the Month.

Having accomplished so much through development and working or collaborating with most influential businesses around and an education team who are shaping the future of fashion and  presenting  in Empire Casino, St Martin's in Fields and for London fashion week we feel ultimately #blessed for the fantastic opportunities we have had on our journey so far.

Shalize Nicholas, started the brand with the vision of making a difference in fashion contributing to a less wasteful world and we are grateful to have grown, with a new HQ and shop this year and the development of ShopUnique; which adheres to our principles, a

of other sustainable sustainable solutions. Handmade, local production and local crafts, sustainable materials or upcycling. We are now in working in conjunction with Thread Count a sustainable initiative from the University of Gloucestershire
 for Sustainable Fashion.

Going forwards, we look forward to what is to come and hope that you will be with us all the way! 

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Sincerely Madia & Matilda

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Countdown to Christmas - Day 12 - Style A day

Shalize Nicholas – Designer and Founder at Madia& Matilda:

Founder and designer of Madia & Matilda itself is the inspiration for today’s style.

Shalize Nicholas create exclusive womens clothing that are timeless effortless and works in manor that reduces waste in her fashion studio in Gloucestershire

"There’s nothing I loves more than small elements of throwback fashion in a delicate minimalist design. I have always been drawn to simple contemporary classics, that represents timelessness; which is why I have chosen these styles ” 

"For workwear my choices are more practical, with subtle details, beautiful fabrics and for special occasions an elegant dress"


  Shan Blouse & Abbie 2

We hope you have enjoyed our coundown to Christmas
Celebrating the achievements of a select few, coupled with inspirations and influencers of 2016. This year really has been a year full of ups and downs

Wishing  you a wonderful Christmas and New Year 

                    Sincerely Madia & Matilda

News - Giveaway! Win $100 to spend on Madia & Matilda Clothing

In the spirit of giving we have a voucher to giveaway to a lucky winner. As we have been working in partnership with +With The Grey a blogger from the US 

Keep watching for further details on +Madia & Matilda or check out Rachelle's videos on youtube to shop these styles click here  -

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Giveaway ends on JANUARY 12th 2017!

Sincerely Madia & Matilda

Imogen Casual High Neck Top

Monday, 19 December 2016

Countdown to Christmas - Day 7 - Style A Day

Bianca Miller – Entrepreneur:

Bianca is already a fan of our Emery Sleeveless Jacket, as shown in the above picture

This Monday's, style and motivational inspiration comes from Series 10’s The Apprentice (2014) runner up and entrepreneur Bianca Miller. 

As an advocate of ours and the lady making it alone with her tights business to suit every skin colour, we think Bianca’s beauty and brains are highlighted through her sense of style.

For a timeless daytime look that replicates Bianca’s style and professionalism, try pairing our Cassie Sheer Top with Jean Slim Cut Trousers and throw on the Emery Sleeveless Jacket or a good coat and heeled boots, or mix it up for a night look in our Elsa Dropped Armscye Shift Dress in Black, add stilettos, a pair of Bianca’s own tights range, and a little sparkle and you’ll be catching eyes all night. 

Sincerely Madia & Matilda

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Discover Our Designer, Shalize Nicholas - Gift Selection


Our Designer and Director top 5 Christmas gifts

The Pleated Skirt

Lilly  Pleated Skirt   - A  2 layered pleated skirt with a frill and an elasticated waist

This skirt is the perfect Christmas day staple, wear it with a sparkly Christmas jumper 


Handcrafted Chocolate

 For all those dark chocolate lovers!  an infused crystallisedrose petals chocolate bar, with a moreish crunchy texture 

A great stocking filler! and in two decadent flavours

Jersey Top & Lace Skirt 

Angelica Jersey Top -  Effortless blouse that is apart of essential basics range.

Malu Lace Skirt  -  A playful midi length upcycled skirt with a cream cotton lining 


A great combination, perfect smart casual look with an effortless skirt and one of my favourite tops from the collection  




style signature, a quintessentially British designed shoe, made with PVC-free eco vegan leather, lined with breathable biodegradable plant based bio-polyoils.  New in this week, online and in store.

These Chelsea Boots make a great gift, a classic everyday fit, various sizes available


Cosy Movie Night 

Feel good moments, an evening out with friends and family or date night

Christmas movie night in Cheltenham at the The Frog & Fiddle, Barn
Tickets available on Eventbrite

       Sincerely Madia & Matilda

More Handcrafted Gifts